Outdoors instructor training, man on a kayak riding down white water rapids in Dartmoor

This isn’t a life hack, a hustle, or even a trick - this is a sensible, systematic way to get professional qualifications, professional experience and a degree

My path into the Outdoors Industry and the reasons why I’m never looking back. Hi, I’m Erin. I’m twenty-five years old and …

While undertaking this research we’ve realised just how racially polarised the outdoor/ adventure sector seems to be. Some of the data appears to show that the sector might be as much as 98% white Caucasian; we’re going to invest some time into researching this.

We are still missing fence panels from the big Storms we had been through earlier in the year and were too embarrassed to take pictures of how bad it really was when we started. The first day saw us pressure washing the patio and sorting out the lawn.