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Want an exciting Adventurous Stag Do Weekend in Bournemouth?

We’ve got you covered for the wildest Stag Do weekend in Bournemouth

One of the biggest honours a friend can bestow on another is asking them to be their best man. How great – you are the BEST man in that person’s life. But with great honour comes great responsibility… Not the speech or being there for your buddy on his big day, no the biggest and most important responsibility of the best man is planning an even more momentous day – the all important, unforgettable stag do! 

At Land & Wave we have a selection of awesome adventurous stag do activities for you and your mates to have the perfect stag weekend. Rather than staying in a run-down hostel, visiting a ropey strip club and struggling to hold down a mediocre curry, instead, you could always come and spend time with us in our playground – sunny Swanage in Dorset.

To men on a Stag Do Screaming

Survival Skills, Bushcraft and our infamous Ultimate Stag Package

Why not get back to basics and act like the cavemen you truly want to be deep down inside. Tap into those primal instincts and join us in the woods for this extremely popular and adventurous stag do activity. During our Survival Skills experience, you will partake in plenty of primitive activities!

You will have the chance to master age-old fire lighting techniques, one of the most satisfying achievements a man can accomplish. It is a real skill bringing a fire to life without the need for matches or a gallon of petrol – Ray Mears style.

After setting fire to some things it will be time to try your hand at archery and throw some axes, grrrrrr manly. A bit of ‘friendly’ competition never hurt anyone and there will be plenty of that with our axes, bows and arrows.

3 men sat round a fire laughing

If you want to add on some deer memories with your friends, we can provide dinner for the group too. The catch is you will need to butcher a Deer during a hands-on venison butchery masterclass. Our Instructors will help you get a whole Deer chopped up and ready for cooking, which will be done on the open camp fire of course. 

If you want to upgrade your experience, you will not even have to leave after eating all of that venison! Our Ultimate Stag Package is our flagship stag weekend event. This is your chance to live like a Caveman doing all of the above followed by an overnight camp in the woods and then some water sports the next day.

After waking up from your meat coma at the campsite, enjoy breakfast around the campfire then head out onto the water for either Coasteering or Paddle Boarding. It is your choice which activity your group wants to do! A cherry on top of the ultimate stag weekend!

Stag cutting up deer in a white wedding dress


Coasteering is one of the best group adventure activities to take part in on the South Coast. Coasteering with us offers a real crowd-pleasing experience which involves exploring the magnificent Jurassic Coast from a whole new perspective.

From Dancing Ledge, a stones throw from Swanage, we scramble down the cliffs and into the sea, swimming through caves, scurrying over rocks and jumping from ledges. It is great fun for all and the perfect opportunity for a group of lads to blow off some steam.

There is a bit of an uphill hike back to civilisation which will separate the men from the boys and show who is flagging from the night before.   

Two men laughing in the sea in waves

Power Boat Coasteering 

For an extra fancy coasteering session, we also offer power boat coasteering. This involves a private power boat trip to and from the activity. The adventure will start from Swanage where you will whizz around Peveril Point, carry on past Durlston Head and Anvil Point (keep a beady eye out for the dolphins which are regularly spotted here!), before arriving at Dancing Ledge ready to literally dive in.

Once everyone has been tuckered out from a great time coasteering, your private powerboat will then whisk you back to Swanage, where you can enjoy all the local pubs and restaurants Swanage has to offer. What a day!

three men on a boat

Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding is one of the fasted growing sports in the UK. A stag do with all your mates in Dorset is a great excuse to give it a go. At Land & Wave, we have locations in Sandbanks and Swanage which are both incredible places to get out on a board and get soaking wet whilst testing out your balance.

We offer group paddle boarding for stags on as large of a scale as such a massive event like a stag do deserves – our giant boards fit around 8 to 10 adults on them.

Having so much testosterone on one wobbly, wet board can only lead to one outcome – carnage, of epic proportions.

For really large groups we have multiple boards which can create even more competition between the group as we journey around, wrestle and race! If that doesn’t sound like pure unadulterated fun then we don’t know what does.

There is also time to use the individual paddle boards as well, giving everyone the opportunity to test their skills out. Who will have the balance of a Ninja cat and who will be as helpless as Bambi on ice?

We do not allow drinking of alcoholic beverages during our activities. As you can imagine; fire, arrows, axes and deep water do not mix well with intoxicated stags.

If your group of lads really want to tick off that curry & strip club combo as well as enjoying an adventure activity, you could always choose to stay a night in Bournemouth before joining us to get the drinking and alcohol poisoning well out of the way and done with.

Bournemouth is just a short drive away and it has all sorts of accommodation options and bars for the late night debauchery which is expected on a stag weekend.

Check out all of our stag do packages here :

Stag Do on a jump paddleboard in a pyramid formation

More, you say?

We personally think our stag dos are the best, but if you are still looking for even more adventurous ideas or want to bulk out your stag do even further with more activities, then here are some other ideas for stag dos in the area with other providers.

Clay pigeon shooting

For a stag do with a bang, why not check out the Purbeck Shooting School for a round of clay pigeon shooting? If the thought of all of your mates playing around with shotguns makes you sweat, relax! Purbeck Shooting School is fully set up for stag dos. The expert tuition from their qualified instructors will ensure everyone is safe as they hunt the elusive, dangerous, wild ‘clay pigeon.’ Based in Wareham, they are only a short drive from Swanage and Bournemouth.


Shooting the stag with a shotgun might be a bit much and will probably cross the ‘stag do banter’ line, but with a paintball gun…. now that is just good fun and perfectly acceptable. Also in Wareham, Dorset Paintball pride themselves on delivering great stag dos.

They even have two man-sized dresses for the stag and best man. Both of them can get all dolled up in their dresses before venturing out to the woodland battle zone and being pummelled by paint balls. Talk about your war stories for years to come!

Inflatable Outdoor Water Park

A slightly less violent idea for a stag do in Dorset is to head to an inflatable  water park. Enjoy the beautiful Purbeck countryside whilst having fun on a floating Total Wipeout style course at the Dorset Adventure Park! The Adventure Park has two beautiful lakes surrounded by 18 acres of woodland with the historic Corfe Castle as a backdrop.

For Stag Dos you can either unleash all of your mates on over 200m of slippery inflatable features – an aqua adventure you will never forget! Or try out the mud trail, which is exactly what it says on the label – two kilometres of muddy obstacles and slides to navigate as a group. If choosing between the two activities is just too tough, there is always the option for you to do one and then the other. Double the courses, double the fun.  

Man cheering on a jumbo paddle boarding

Time to get planning!

So if we have convinced you to have a stag do which is out of the ordinary and not your run of the mill stag celebration, then give us a call. Our friendly, knowledgeable office staff are always on the other end of the phone and keen to talk to you about your bespoke stag do with a difference!

Check out all of our stag do packages here :

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