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Osprey packs are specifically designed for adventures and that’s exactly the kind of backpack we need.

There's not many jobs that allow you to climb mountains one day and paddle down a river the next.

I remember driving past Sandbanks on warm summer days, seeing people paddle boarding, kayaking just living their best life and I wanted to be a part of it.

We spend every day working in the great outdoors. Outdoor Instructors throw themselves into the sea, stomp up mountains and kayak down rivers; we have tested these flasks very, very thoroughly!

The cost of training continues to be the biggest challenge for people aspiring to join the outdoor/ adventure industry.

We were all still being upbeat about the situation. I was still being flippant about it not lasting long or joking about it being the cure the planet needs.

Following advice from Public Health England and to support the incredible national effort to slow down the spread of Coronavirus Land & Wave Ltd will be closed to schools and groups from 17:00 on Friday 20th of March until further notice.

Our highly skilled full-time team possess qualifications in a mixture of mountaineering, rock climbing, kayaking and canoeing. We think it’s important that to create opportunities for our team to use these qualifications in different landscapes, practice those skills and continue professional development.

Whilst we're all spending more time at home it's the perfect time to start that book you've been meaning to read, discover new podcasts and make the most of that Netlfix subscription. Each week we'll be bringing you our favourite book, podcast, film recommendations, games & more...

Coastlines in particular are a haven for many different varieties of edible goodies - tasty treats like seaweed, crustaceans, molluscs, fish and shellfish.

Venison Shoulder and Haunch is superb meat; tasty and perfect for slow cooking or seaming out for steaks...

This winter Corrymoor provided us with a bundle of 'Companion' socks for our Instructors and Outdoor Instructor Trainees. Being outdoorsy folk, we need warm, reliable clothing to keep us safe and warm in the great outdoors.

Any form of exercise is good for your physical and your psychological health. Getting outdoors can offer much more than you might think.

Venison loin and fillet is superb meat; tasty, tender and easy to work with.

Government thinks there are five main barriers to learning outside the classroom (LOtC). Land & Wave can remove these barriers. We want schools to offer new adventure residentials, giving their pupils the chance to display independence, resilience and spend more time outside in the great outdoors.

Venison is incredible stuff; healthy, ethical, tasty and versatile

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