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Do what you love. Love what you do. We adore working in the outdoor industry. Could this be the career path that ticks all the boxes for you?

While undertaking this research we’ve realised just how racially polarised the outdoor/ adventure sector seems to be. Some of the data appears to show that the sector might be as much as 98% white Caucasian; we’re going to invest some time into researching this.

We are still missing fence panels from the big Storms we had been through earlier in the year and were too embarrassed to take pictures of how bad it really was when we started. The first day saw us pressure washing the patio and sorting out the lawn.

Our journey started off well, we had estimated that the walk should take us about 4 hours and we merrily spent the first 3 hours blissfully unaware of the journey we had actually embarked on.

Long days spent playing on the beach; building, digging, made up games, deck chair dens, naff inflatables, swimming, diving, bodyboarding. All fuelled by ice-creams and hot dogs made on a little gas stove in the beach hut.

We’re looking for a fantastic new office administrator for the summer season. It could even be a job share. Based in Swanage, Dorset.

Land & Wave employs 25 seasonal staff each year. Our Seasonal crew start work with us during March and April and leave us for new adventures during the first week of November.

A third of our lifetime is spent working. That’s over 30% of your entire existence doing something day-in, day-out. If you DON’T love what you do, then it’s a pretty depressing thought. Time for a career change?

Lots of people know Dorset for its amazing coastline and beaches but it has loads more to offer than just that…..

You may decide that the status quo, the feelings of your competitors and 'stepping on peoples toes' matter less to you than building your business, looking after your staff and having a brilliant time.

This is for teachers, heads and senior leaders who are responsible for booking school trips. You MUST be DBS checked. Land & Wave school trips are suitable for Year 4 pupils upwards (min age 8).

Local mum organises heartwarming tribute to celebrate Alfie's short life and his love for adventure

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