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Dorset: More than just the beach

Lots of people know Dorset for its amazing coastline and beaches but it has loads more to offer than just that…..

More Than Just The Beach | Outdoor Instructor Training

Here at Land & Wave we offer more than just a life of jumping in the sea.

We offer you the opportunity to start your career as an Outdoor Instructor.

Land & Wave is based in Dorset in a beautiful seaside village called Swanage, which is at the start of the Jurassic Coast.

Dorset is known for its amazing coastline and beaches but it has loads more to offer than just that.

We believe that Dorset is one of THE most versatile and beautiful parts of the country.

Obviously we’re slightly biased but instead of us just telling you it’s amazing, let us show you.

Below are four great qualifications gained on our Outdoor Instructor Training course in Dorset.

Man hiking on the Dorset coast

Bushcraft Instructor

Along with its golden sandy beaches, Dorset offers some beautiful areas of woodland.

Over the winter we use these private woodlands to train our instructors to become awesome Bushcraft instructors.

From natural fire lighting, to shelter building and butchery, we use the woods to their full potential.

We believe woodlands give our instructors an amazing classroom to learn and hone their bushcraft and instructing skills.

As well as delivering fun and engaging forest school sessions throughout the summer, we also deliver the Ultimate Stag Package experience in the woods: a full venison butchery masterclass, axe throwing, archery and incredible campfire cooking using the venison steaks.

Lowland Leader Award

Land & Wave is based in the heart of the Purbecks.

With hills, heath and moorland surrounding our site, we are in the prime location to develop your navigational skills.

During our Outdoor Instructor Training course we use the Purbecks to train our trainees for their Lowland Leader Award.

This is a nationally recognised award and is amazing to use all over the UK – leading groups below 600m.

This, combined with you Duke of Edinburgh’s Supervisor / Assessor award, makes you super employable.

Every year, Land & Wave delivers Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programmes to over 750 young people (we utilise lots of our seasonal staff plus freelancers to deliver this).

Lowla Rock Climbing Instructor

Dorset is known for having some of the best sport and trad (traditional) climbing in the UK.

The sea cliffs of Swanage host some of the best trad climbing spots on the south coast.

Subliminal, Cattle Troughs and Dancing Ledge are the main crags we use for our Outdoor Instructor Training course.

These crags have a wide range of routes which suit any ability and offer the perfect place to begin your climbing journey on real rock.

As part of the Rock Climbing Instructor award (RCI) you also learn how to sport climb too.

Luckily, we have Portland right on our doorstep too.

Portland is the mecca for sport climbing in the South West. With over 900 routes there is something for every ability.

Climbing by the beach

Paddle Sport Instructor

Along with having some of the best coastal paddling in the UK, Dorset also has some great flat water river paddling too.

The four main rivers we use at Land & Wave are the River Stour, the River Avon, the River Frome and the River Piddle.

These are all amazing rivers to paddle on and build your confidence.

One of our favourite paddles during the training course is down the River Piddle into Poole Harbour and then back up the River Frome finishing in Wareham.

Although we don’t have any white water paddling in Dorset, we do have some sections of moving water to start learning the basics before you head over to the River Dart in Dartmoor during the course.

Over the winter on our Outdoor Instructor Training course we include residential trips to Dartmoor for 3 weeks to put these new skills into practice on the River Dart. This is an amazing opportunity to try out a completely new and adrenaline filled discipline of paddling.

If you’re interested in becoming an outdoor instructor and being able to teach and instruct all the above activities, you should check out our Outdoor Instructor Training course.

Our 15-week, full-time training course gives you the opportunity to gain 15 qualifications in a wide range of sea and land-based activities.

Starting on the 1st November 2023, it isn’t too late to join us next winter.

More info about the course can be found here.

Join us for a free open day for our Outdoor Instructor Training course.

Please call 01929 423 031 or email to book a place.

21 July 2021 by Jonny Berry

Here at Land & Wave we offer more than just a life of jumping in the sea.

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