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Become a Seasonal Instructor: 5 Reasons to Work for Land & Wave

Land & Wave employs 25 seasonal staff each year. Our Seasonal crew start work with us during March and April and leave us for new adventures during the first week of November.

5 reasons to work for Land & Wave (in no particular order). 

There’s loads of reasons to come and work as a seasonal instructor on the Jurassic Coast.

Land & Wave has employed a team of seasonal staff every year since right back in 2013.

We’ve had 5 years to learn from our mistakes, make things better and ensure our crew have a wonderful time helping people to have great adventures.

Seasonal instructor kayaking

Number 1: Getting Paid.

The National Living Wage (2022) is £9.50 for 23+

Land & Wave pays seasonal Instructors a salary of £21,500 – £23,500

We use software that allows us to adjust working hours in real time, ensuring you get paid for the hours that you work.

If you work for Land & Wave as a Seasonal Instructor you’ll be an employee; you’ll have employment rights, the right to pension contributions and paid holiday.

Number 2: Getting Trained

Whilst working for us at land and wave you will still have the opportunity to increase ur qualifications through a range of short courses.

Check out bellow:

Number 3: Time Off.

If you work for Land & Wave you’ll work an average of 40 hours a week.

If you work for Land & Wave you’ll have time off every week.

Our Seasonal Instructors will not work any more than 5 days in a row. You’ll always have at least 2 consecutive days off per week (at least!). You’ll have time to rest, have adventures, see your friends and enjoy Dorset.

You’ll have extra holiday while you work for us, we encourage our crew to head to mountains, rivers and new coastlines whenever they can.

Our Seasonal Instructors can use our equipment to have adventures whenever they like.

Number 4: Variety.

If you work for Land & Wave you’ll get to see lots of different human beings.

We normally work with school and youth groups Monday – Friday.

We normally work with stag, hen and corporate groups on Saturday and Sunday.

We go coasteering, we paddle board and kayak on the sea, we light fires, skin deer and throw axes.

Our Instructors are 18+ there’s loads of different personalities and people to learn from, and remember age is just a number, it’s never too late for a career change.

Number 5: Positivity, Energy and Enthusiasm. 

You can help us with this…

We’ve learnt, over the years, that the most important thing for an instructor to have is energy, enthusiasm and positivity .

From now on, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure our team is full of human beings that are upbeat and full of life.

When our instructors are happy our clients are very happy.

Every single manager at Land & Wave heads out into the woods or the ocean to work with instructors in front of clients for at least one day every week, everyone works together to create epic experiences.

We’re not Perfect but we Learn and Change.

We’ve made mistakes and, importantly, we’ve learnt from those mistakes.

We know that for staff to be happy and do a good job, they need enough time off to rest, have fun and enjoy the landscape.

We’ve worked very hard so that we don’t need to pay staff poor wages for doing a job that takes energy, enthusiasm and commitment. 

We know that investing in lots of training for our staff is good for them, the company and our clients.

We’re still learning, we’re always going to improve, we’re always going to get better.

If you’d like to work for Land & Wave come and see us in sunny Swanage.

 by Owen Senior

Land & Wave will be working through our 10th year during 2019. We employed our first Seasonal Instructors back in 2013, making plenty of mistakes and learning lots along the way.

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