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Nowhere compares to Mother Nature's playground. The great outdoors is in our blood. Working on rivers and trails, guiding lovely people over mountains and oceans through sun, snow, rain or shine.

The Northern Raven is the largest member of the crow family. Remarkably intelligent, these corvids have a distinctive diamond-shaped tail and can often be seen somersaulting and swooping above our coasteering sites on the Dorset coast.

Not far from our coasteering site at Dancing Ledge, Durlston Country Park is a renowned location for spotting passing dolphins and whales.

We're firm believers in getting people away from their desks and enjoying the outdoors. We're inviting businesses to Land & Wave Sandbanks for an evening of networking and activities. 

We're going to share some of what we've learnt about using TripAdvisor as a tool to help grow our business over the last 7 years.

Future colleges, employers, universities & beyond highly regard D of E as a valuable asset on your CV.

Our bell tents are perfect for families, fitting 4 people per tent and especially ideal for large family groups who want to stay together.

Your client's experience starts from when they land on your website to when they leave your actual activity location

We're an outdoor education and adventure company, we're growing really fast. We deliver exciting adventure activities to thousands of clients every year.

We have a staff Facebook Group which we use to share information, feedback amongst the team. Here are a few snippets to give you an insight into our staff, what we get up to and into the industry.

Simply choose your activities; kayaking, paddle boarding, raft building or team building and then sit back and watch as our instructors help your young people explore friendships, build trust and open up communication between your year group.

Introducing JUMBO Stand Up Paddle Boarding, which can take 8 or more adults on one board.

We think that the reason that Land & Wave has grown is down to how we've gone out and looked for business, shouted about what we've done and given customer reasons to come to us.

Being outside for most of every day getting that great summer glow.

Getting outdoors can do great things for your health. Reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving immune function are among nature’s health benefits.

What happens after 4 months of hard work, 4 months of effort, 4 months of learning and development?

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