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We've been squeezing in as many sessions around work as we can, donning wetsuits at 7am, braving the cold and practicing our skills.

Now our trainees have gained solid paddle skills, the focus has shifted to the coaching side of things and being able to lead groups.

Over the last 12 months Land & Wave has recruited some amazing people to help us do what we do.

January is set to be a busy month for the trainees - they dive straight into two qualifications; The Safety and Rescue Test for paddle sports

I got started through my Dad; he used to work at activity centres, loved the great outdoors and to this day climbs waayyy harder than me.

My Motivation to join the course was that I really loved the outdoors and thought that this course would suit me best.

No other piece of equipment is so universally used within Land & Wave. Almost everyone has a Casio F91 attached to their wrist or buoyancy aid strap.

It's Week 6 of the Accelerated Instructor Training Course and we've been cruising the coast in kayaks, surfing the waves at Sandbanks, battling the swell at Dancing Ledge and scaling the heights of Portland.

We've paid full price for all our Panasonic Cameras, we have several of them. Our oldest FT5 has been with us for 3 years, our newest has been with us for 18 months.

We wrapped up with extra layers, filled flasks and braced ourselves for a week of Kayaking, Coasteering, Navigation and Bushcraft.

Our Seasonal Staff are normally employed from April until the start of November (7 months). We can offer some 'short season' roles for instructors and camp leaders during June and July.

This week's adventures have seen us back on the Jurassic Coast as well as rediscovering our love for Sandbanks, Poole Harbour and the woods.

Last week we started to introduce you to the 16 trainees undertaking the course and go over the qualifications they are starting to gain.

Why did you choose the course?: I’ve always loved being outside and the normal university route didn't suit me. So when I found out about Land & Wave's course I was sold instantly.

It was full of highs but I'd have to say a stand out one has to be everyone passing their RLSS course

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