Water Safety Training

We’re running £1 SUP Safety & Rookie Lifeguard sessions over the months of May & June. These are a chance for local people to come along and improve their knowledge of how to stay safe out around water.

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According to the National Water Safety Forum at least 590 people sadly die from drowning in the UK every year.

At Land & Wave, we take water safety very seriously.

That’s why we’re running £1 SUP Safety & Rookie Lifeguard sessions during May & June - a chance for local people to improve their knowledge of how to stay safe when out on the water. 

We work with the RLSS & RNLI to ensure all our instructors are up to speed with the knowledge and skills necessary to keep all our customers and staff safe.

We know there are loads of  families who spend lots of their time on the beach. We want to help raise awareness amongst the local community about the risks of going in the sea, as well as educate as many people as possible on essential safety skills.

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Stay safe on your SUP - Sunday 19th May or Sunday 23rd June

  • Who for? Aged 14+
  • Where? Sandbanks Beach
  • How long? 2 hours
  • How much? £1 per person
  • What to bring? Swimwear & a towel - we provide the rest (You’re welcome to bring your own board but we do also supply these if required).

Whether you’re new to paddling or thinking about starting to SUP, this is a chance to learn the essential safety skills to stay safe on the water with your board. It’s ideal for locals who plan to SUP on the Poole and Bournemouth coastline this year.

As well as practical skills whilst out on the water you’ll be taught about the following safety tips provided by the RNLI:

  1. If you can, always go with a friend.
  2. If you are going out alone, always tell someone where you're going and when you'll be back.
  3. Bring your phone in a waterproof pouch.
  4. Check the weather forecast and tide times before you set out.
  5. Avoid offshore winds.
  6. You should wear a suitable personal flotation device.
  7. Wear suitable clothing for the time of year.
  8. You should always use a paddleboard with a leash.
  9. If you are launching on a lifeguarded beach, make sure you launch and recover between the black and white chequered flags.
  10. Get the appropriate level of training.

Book now: hhttps://landandwave.activitycloud.co.uk/events/staysafe/

Rookie Lifeguard Bronze Award - Sunday 26th May or Sunday 30th June

  • Who for? Aged 8-12
  • Where? Sandbanks Beach
  • How long? 09:30-16:30
  • How much? £1 per child
  • What to bring? Swimwear, a towel, packed lunch, water bottle, suncream, hat & any medication - we provide the rest.

We think it's so important that local kids in Poole & Bournemouth are equipped with good sea safety knowledge from a young age.

That's why we're running Rookie Lifeguard Bronze Award for the bonkers price of £1, so local little Beach Bums enjoy our amazing coastline safely.

Children must be aged 8+ and be able to swim to complete this 1-day course. It involves sea swimming, self rescues and safety drills. The training is based at Land & Wave Sandbanks.

Book now: https://landandwave.activitycloud.co.uk/events/rookielifeguard/

Rookie lifeguard

by Rosie Tanner

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