Outdoor Instructor Training | Equipment

by Owen Senior Adventure

Outdoor Instructor Training | Equipment

Outdoor Instructor Training | Equipment 

Outdoor Instructor Training is exciting and challenging; spending seven days a week immersed in the great outdoors is an incredible experience.

Training happens during the winter - it even gets cold on the sunny South Coast.

The right clothing and equipment makes a huge difference. Even the best adventures can be diminished by feeling a little chilly.

Feeling warm, safe and comfortable means learning faster, more efficiently and enjoying superb, wild, places.

We’ve teamed up with some incredible brands and manufacturers to make sure aspiring outdoor instructors get the very best equipment. Everything below is issued as part of Outdoor Instructor Training with Land & Wave.

Winter Wetsuit

Our instructors have using Typhoon winter wetsuits for for two years, Typhoon’s high end wetsuits are well designed and well engineered; they take everything our crew can throw at them. Typhoon wetsuits are robust enough for coasteering and warm enough for brilliant winter days in the ocean.

Buoyancy Aid 

Our staff and trainees use buoyancy aids for coasteering, sea kayaking and canoeing, they need to be able to do lots of things well. Palm Equipment make excellent buoyancy aids that we can rely on, even after a year or two of sun, sand and salt…

Dry Suit 

Once you can afford a dry suit they become you’re best friend, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. We bought all our trainee instructors the Palm Equipment Atom this year, we’re really impressed; the ‘convenience hatch’ in the ladies dry suits is especially useful.

Water Sports Helmet

We really like well designed, simple and robust helmets; that’s why we’ve been using the Mystic Predator for last two years. It’s rock solid, comfortable and is designed so that there’s very little to break.

Waterproof Jacket, Fleece, Hat, Gloves…

We love Patagonia, their company message is fantastic; ”Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis”.  Patagonia make quality clothing and equipment that lasts for ages, they’ll even fix it for free when it wears out.

Climbing Equipment: Helmet, Harness 

DMM are still based in North Wales, they’ve been making ‘the best possible equipment at the best price’ for more than 30 years. We love their harnesses, helmets, rock shoes and metal gear and we love that it’s manufactured in the UK

All the rest…

The day before Outdoor Instructor Training starts is like Christmas day (only better) for our trainees - loads of equipment, clothing and extras are handed out; it marks the start of an epic journey that lasts 4 months.

Outdoor Instructor Training 2017/ 2018 has started with 24 wonderful trainees; the next course starts on Friday the 2nd of November 2018.

Our next Outdoor Instructor Training open day is on Saturday the 25th  November; why not come and start your next adventure…