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Becoming a Successful Climbing Coach and inspiring women to become independent rock climbers: Tori’s Story!

Aiming to inspire and support women in their ambition to start climbing and get outdoors.

Tori is a highly accomplished climbing coach with a thriving practice nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of the South West region of Devon. Her unwavering dedication lies in empowering and uplifting women in the great outdoors, nurturing their skills and fostering their confidence. As a firm believer in the transformative power of nature, Tori has a passion for Climbing and curates extraordinary expeditions exclusively tailored for women, offering a sanctuary where they can fearlessly learn, grow, and discover the wonders of the wilderness.

Fuelled by her unwavering passion, Tori tirelessly endeavours to break down barriers and create a more inclusive outdoor community. She strives to cultivate an environment that not only imparts technical climbing knowledge but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and support among the women she guides.

Tori’s upbringing in a bustling city environment exposed her to the thrill of team sports like netball, hockey, and football. However, at the age of 16, when she enrolled in Exeter College for further education, she soon realised that this conventional setting did not align with her true passions. Determined to find her place, she courageously made the decision to embark on an Outdoor Education course, and it was there that she discovered her profound love for the outdoors industry.



Following her instincts, Tori pursued a degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, which opened the doors to a plethora of exhilarating adventures. From scaling towering cliffs and Climbing to navigating gushing rivers through kayaking and canoeing, she revealed in the diverse array of experiences that her degree offered, all within the beautiful landscapes of the United Kingdom. Not only did this course provide a solid foundation for Tori’s personal growth and development, but it also granted her access to valuable qualifications that would ultimately shape her career in the outdoors.

Following her graduation, Tori embarked on a transformative journey across Europe, traversing the picturesque landscapes of France and Spain in her trusty van. It was during this adventure that her passion for climbing truly ignited, propelling her further into the depths of her newfound love. Eventually, Tori found herself in the southern region of Spain, where she embraced the opportunity to manage a Climbing retreat catering specifically to climbers. In this role, she adeptly cared for both the facility and the clients, cementing her commitment to the climbing community.

Tori firmly believes in the value of broadening one’s experiences to gain a wide range of skills. Rather than being picky or narrowly focused, she advocates for seeking out volunteer or job opportunities in various outdoor settings. Tori understands that these experiences provide invaluable learning opportunities, allowing individuals to acquire new skills and gain valuable insights into shaping their future sessions. By immersing oneself in diverse environments, she emphasises the importance of picking up skills and pointers that will ultimately contribute to the development of personalised and impactful outdoor sessions. For Tori, the journey of learning is continuous, and every experience, no matter how small, is a stepping stone towards creating meaningful and transformative outdoor experiences for others.


Empowering Women

Tori finds immense joy in the great outdoors, with two main highlights capturing her heart: the natural environment itself and the opportunity to engage in paddle sports and Climbing. These activities have served as her primary tools for exploration, enabling her to embark on incredible journeys. From immersing herself in the rich cultural experiences of African countries to venturing through the vibrant landscapes of India and Southeast Asia, Tori’s travels have been intertwined with outdoor adventures. It is the allure of outdoor activities that has consistently led her to breathtaking destinations around the world, fuelling her love for both exploration and the natural world.

Tori has encountered several challenges along her journey, including the costs associated with equipment and clothing, as well as the relatively low wages of entry-level jobs. Additionally, she has bravely faced the treacherous weather conditions of wind and rain while venturing outdoors.

Despite the outdoor industry’s prevailing male dominance, Tori has taken bold steps to challenge the status quo. She has established women-only courses, which have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants. These courses provide a unique and empowering space for women, fostering a sense of tranquility and strength. Within this environment, women gain the confidence to explore and learn, while also forming strong bonds of support with one another. Tori recognises the immense value of creating such spaces, where women can thrive, grow, and defy societal limitations. Through her inclusive approach, Tori is actively shaping a more balanced and empowering future for women in the outdoors.

As Tori imparts her final words of advice and wisdom, she emphasises the utmost importance of authenticity: “Be yourself.” True fulfilment and success in any endeavour can only be found by embracing and honouring one’s unique self.

Join The Outdoors!

A great way for women to get involved and kickstart their career in the outdoors is the Outdoor Instructor Training course, this course is open to anyone and Tori encourages more women to sign up and start their careers in the outdoors as an activity instructor. The course is over 15 weeks and you gain 16 Qualifications that will really fast track you into a career in the outdoors and become an activity instructor as well as give you the chance to meet other likeminded inspiring women. Like Tori you could become a Climbing coach!

Start your adventure in the outdoors and become an Activity Instructor by joining our Outdoor Instructor Training course:


Listen to Tori’s Story!

Listen to the full podcast HERE.

We’re proud to sponsor Tough Girl Challenges, Tough Girl Challenges is hosting a podcast which speaks with empowering women in the outdoors industry and are committed to amplifying the voices of women in outdoor professions and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Within this environment, women gain the confidence to explore and learn, while also forming strong bonds of support with one another.

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