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My time at land & Wave

I’ve worked at Land & Wave for 10 years and never, ever had that dreaded Sunday night ‘back-to-school feeling’. That’s a pretty amazing feat for a decade of work in one place.
Land & Wave was built on a culture friends and family working together to provide wonderful adventure experiences for children and adults, also a 16 week, 16 qualification Outdoor Instructor training course. 13 years on, and our business remains firmly focussed on the people and friendship within the team. 

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Land & Wave is known for its generous training budgets to ensure everyone is motivated to keep progressing and developing. Every full-time staff member has £500 to spend on personal development each year. This is in addition to heavily discounted training courses throughout the year. So whether you’re an outdoor instructor or an office administrator, we all have the opportunity to invest in ourselves.

Every full time team member is given complimentary health insurance, which means everyone access to mental health services, physio and medical assistance including 24-hour GP appointments. This is a great comfort to know it’s there ‘just in case’ – particularly at a time, when the NHS is under such pressure.

Financially, Land & Wave has responded to the cost of living crisis by introducing Profit Share for all its full time employees. If the company does well, then the team does well and this incentive provides up to £2.5k extra on top of an annual salary. The shared goal of ensuring the company succeeds is great for morale.

External interests are well supported at Land & Wave. Whether it’s being flexible enough to enable employees to volunteer for Swanage RNLI, adapting timesheets to allow for local sports commitments like Swanage Gig Club or simply being a welcoming dog-friendly environment (we have 5 dogs who regularly hang out in the office) – Land & Wave tries to do its very best to be flexible to ensure staff are happy and fulfilled both in and out of work.

As well of all these work perks, the biggest benefit of working for Land & Wave is being enveloped in a wonderful culture of respect and friendship. We’re a hands-on bunch, where everyone chips in, no matter what job role or level. It’s this team ethos, that makes Land & Wave such a special place to be.

We’ve all just returned from two weeks Christmas break and it’s the best feeling catching up with colleagues after time apart. The Outdoor Industry is a great place to be; fresh air, physical work and incredible local landscapes are a perfect recipe for a happy workplace. Chuck in lots of likeminded, positive people and it really is the best place to work in the world.

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