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Outdoor Pursuits Instructor Careers – 3 Practical Ways to Train and Get Qualified

How can you start a career in Adventure and Outdoor Education?

Working in the great outdoors is incredible. The adventure industry is full of great people who love what they do. There are, excellent, different routes to becoming an Outdoor Pursuits Instructor.

One important thing to consider when starting your career as an Outdoor Instructor is that you need National Governing Body (NGB) qualifications to be able to lead sessions.

You CAN work in the great outdoors, there is a training pathway that will work for you. Here’s some great, basic, info to get you started.

Are you considering a career in adventure?

  • Love the great outdoors?
  • Love outdoor pursuits?
  • Love working with happy human beings?
  • Want a career that is inspiring and fulfilling?
  • Want a lifestyle that will make you happy and healthy?

Three pathways to work as an Outdoor Instructor 

  1. Seasonal Outdoor Work
  2. Study at University
  3. Outdoor Instructor Training

We’ve looked at the options available and have condensed some information below, fingers crossed it’ll help a few people find their way to a suitable outdoor pursuits pathway.

1. Seasonal Outdoor Work 

Lots of people start out their outdoor pursuits career as seasonal outdoor staff, working in outdoor centres during the summer. The pay is low and the hours are long but this kind of work can be good fun and very sociable.

It can be dispiriting living in shared room and earning very little for a few years but the variety of work and some great locations can make up for it.

Perfect for: A gap year, having a good time, usually working with school children.

Not so great: You wont get many qualifications or professional development after year one. You wont earn very much money. This route into the industry can be very time consuming and the work is often repetitive if you’re employed at a big centre.

You can get a taster for outdoor job roles on this site here

2. Study at University

There are some great outdoor courses in the UK. However, it’s worth considering that even the best courses offer very few national governing body (NGB) qualifications to enable you to be a qualified outdoor pursuits instructor. Most university courses will cost £9000+ a year, the average student debt in England is £45,000.

The theoretical aspects of the industry are covered in detail, this can lead to an in-depth knowledge of lots of theory.

University courses are much more theory based and sometimes lack on the practical aspect of learning.

Perfect for: A route into teaching, to experience student life.

Not so great: Most people are just starting out on their career in the outdoors when they finish university. More training and instructor qualifications will be needed to be a qualified outdoor pursuits instructor – you might still need to complete option (1) or (2) AFTER going to university.

Bushcraft instructor training in Dorset
Bushcraft Level 2 Instructor Training

3. Outdoor Instructor Training

Outdoor Instructor Training offers a direct route into the industry. It’s the only way to fast-track your way through some of the most important qualifications and get started as an Outdoor Instructor.

Total course fees range from £4000 – £16000 for courses lasting 8 – 16 weeks.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to move straight into work after a course. A cost effective way of getting lots of outdoor qualifications. A life changing experience.

Not so great: Full time training is hard work – it needs time, money, commitment and tenacity.

Dorset and the Jurassic Coast

Land & Wave Outdoor Instructor Training

The Land & Wave Outdoor Instructor Training course is an accelerated programme, which runs for 15 weeks and costs £9900.

Cost breakdown:

  • £6160 (Training & Assessment)
  • £2750 (Food & Accommodation)
  • £990 (Kit Package worth £2500)
  • Total – £9900

If you choose any kind of training course it’s essential that you know you’re getting value for money. The Land & Wave course offers 23 Qualifications over the 15 Weeks.

What do your tuition fees actually pay for? What do you get for your money? What qualifications will you actually leave with?

Mental Health First aid training in Dorset

There’s a reason that Outdoor Instructor Training is popular. We offer a great range of qualifications, very high quality training, an incredible location and great value. Your food, accommodation, training, assessments and kit are all included as part of the package, so you don’t need to think about much else while you’re training.

Land & Wave trains Outdoor Pursuits Instructors in Swanage, Dorset and the UK

32 Trainees | 23 Qualifications | 15 weeks 


NWSMP Training Land & Wave
Outdoor instructor training course

Working as an Outdoor Instructor is meaningful, fulfilling and is the basis of a lifestyle that can keep you happy and healthy

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