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From Engineer to Outdoor Instructor. Turning her passion into a job: Anna’s Story!

Anna turned her passion into a job going from London to Dorset to embrace the outdoors.

Meet Anna, the enthusiastic Outdoor Instructor at Land and Wave in beautiful Dorset! With a beaming smile, she embraces the great outdoors and cherishes her time on the water or amidst the woods. Her passion for adventure shines through as she guides and shares her love with everyone she instructs. Anna’s adventurous spirit is infectious, and she’s always eager to create unforgettable experiences for her friends and students. Whether it’s a thrilling water activity or an exciting woodland escapade, Anna’s energy and expertise will leave you inspired and wanting more. Get ready for an incredible journey with Anna by your side!

In her early years Anna’s heart belonged to the great outdoors, she grew up in the city near Birmingham and enjoyed family holidays in the Peak District and was a member of the scout where she did wild camping and loads of other adventurous activities and then later on went to tackle DOFE. After her time at uni Anna took a gap year and travelled to South East Asia for 4 months but her GAP year was cut short by the pandemic so returned home.

After school, she pursued a conventional path and enrolled in university to become a Civil Engineer, working diligently in the construction industry. Though her career was fulfilling in many ways, the allure of nature remained undiminished.

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A Career Change

Last summer Anna decided to quit her job and wanted to pursue her true passion of being outside and become an Outdoor Instructor. Through researching different options and courses online Anna found Land & Wave to be the most informative and could always answer her abundance of questions. She took the plunge and booked onto the intensive 15 week course, where she learned a variety of skills and gained a lot of qualifications from bushcraft, climbing and paddling.

However the course had its challenges but the pros out weighted the cons. Anna’s main challenges was the cold weather and doing an Outdoor Instructor training course in the middle of winter is not for the faint hearted. However being wrapped in lots and lots of layers and being surrounded by fantastic instructors saved Anna from cold. Anna enjoyed paddle sports the most throughout her course and found a passion for kayaking and hopes to improve this summer.

Anna is having a blast during her debut season at Land & Wave! Her adoration for the outdoors shines as she spends quality time with clients and children, spreading her passion for nature and the outdoors. Her infectious enthusiasm creates unforgettable experiences for everyone she encounters.

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Women In The Outdoors

As a women in the industry Anna doesn’t feel that she is treated any differently and all though there are not loads of female role models that she looks up too, there are certainly enough women that she can take inspiration from. Anna’s message is clear, there is no wrong time to change your career and you are never too old to do something and make a career out of your passion. It’s the right age at the right time for you to be able to make that commitment and make that change.

With anything, a career in the outdoors takes time and you need qualifications and to progress within the industry you need to have certain qualifications to allow you do go to take groups to different locations and take on different conditions. When becoming an Outdoor Instructor Anna believes that experience is very important and one of the most valuable things.

A great way for women to get involved and kickstart their career by igniting your passion in the outdoors is the Outdoor Instructor Training course, this course is open to anyone and Anna encourages more women to sign up and start their careers in the outdoors as an activity instructor. The course is over 15 weeks and you gain 16 Qualifications that will really fast track you into a career in the outdoors and become an activity instructor as well as give you the chance to meet other likeminded inspiring women embracing the outdoor life.

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Listen to Anna’s Story:

Listen to the full podcast episode HERE.

We’re proud to sponsor Tough Girl Challenges, Tough Girl Challenges is hosting a podcast which speaks with empowering women who embrace their passion for the outdoors industry and are committed to amplifying the voices of women in outdoor professions and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Start your adventure in the outdoors and become an Activity Instructor by joining our Outdoor Instructor Training course:

From Engineer in London to an Outdoor Instructor in Dorset

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