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Into the Wild: Empowering Girls through Bushcraft and Overnight Camping.

An all girls weekend retreat in the woods, Bushcraft, Activities and Wild Swim.

Land & Wave x The Adventure Girls Club!

We’ve partnered up with The Adventure Girls Club to bring you an amazing, girls-only escapade. This adventure includes essential fire-lighting skills, the thrill of axe throwing, and the art of fish prep – all bundled into one awesome event.

But that’s not all – we also include an overnight woodland slumber party under the stars, followed by a coastal hike and a refreshing wild swim the next day.

The Adventure Girls Club is a space for women to build confidence, gain experience, get inspiration and find a community in the outdoors. Founded by Alice Keegan, a captivating adventurer who once navigated the high-octane world of the music industry. Fuelled by a desire for serenity, she discovered solace and joy in the arms of nature.

The Adventure Girls Club is a reflection of her journey – a place where outdoor enthusiasts gather to learn, grow, and form unbreakable bonds.


The girls arrived full of enthusiasm and eager to be in the wilderness, among new friends.

Once they were settled around the fire with a warm beverage it was time to start some bushcraft. They learned essential fire lighting skills including how to use a Ferro rod, and using different materials to experiment with how effective they are.

After some essential fire lighting skills it was time to take on some axe throwing, as guided by our incredible instructors.

The cheers and laughter that echoed through the woods were a testament to the girls growing camaraderie. The warriors left the axe-throwing arena with a sense of accomplishment and hungry bellies. This could only mean one thing; time to prep the fish!


After the afternoon’s activities the girls had grown quite an appetite and it was time to prepare the evenings feast.

The instructors guided a culinary session on how to prepare a full fish, with sleeves rolled up and hands washed the girls dived in and got to work on the fish, leaving no scale unturned.

With the fish cooking on the fire, and daylight slipping away it was time to make the shelter for the night using tarp strung between tree’s. The Girls picked their spots around the forest and got to work, creating humble abodes for the night. Following the set up for camp, the girls feasted on a veggie stew and fish in the firelight.

Girls in woods

Next Day

The next day involved a coastal hike to Chapmans Pool where they admired stunning coastal views of the Jurassic Coast and then included a refreshing wild swim in Chapmans Pool.

And of course, the essential post swim cake is provided.

Girls-only events like this hold a special place because they let women spread their wings beyond their comfort zones. It’s like having a cozy haven where judgment takes a back seat, and confidence takes the wheel.

We’re talking about a space where you can try new things, conquer fears, and learn without any worry of judgment. It’s all about lifting each other up, celebrating victories, and making memories that stick.

As this event was such a success we have also added another date for this event with The Adventure Girls Club, for more info and to book your adventure see HERE.

This is the perfect girls weekend gateway and is perfect for hen do’s. To book your adventure and ultimate hen do, find some more info here:

It’s like having a cozy haven where judgment takes a back seat, and confidence takes the wheel.

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