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One of only 46 Female Mountaineering Instructors ever: Rachael’s Story!

Rachael is one of only 46 female winter mountaineering instructors.

Let me present to you to Rachael Crewesmith, a remarkable individual who embodies the spirit of adventure and resilience. Rachael’s passions extend far and wide, encompassing mountaineering, rock climbing, hill walking, and mountain biking. With an unwavering love for the great outdoors, she continuously pushes herself to conquer seemingly impossible feats, defying any gender-based limitations that may exist. Rachael’s journey is a testament to her belief that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, regardless of their gender.

Rachael’s drive and determination go beyond personal achievements. She strives to uplift and empower others, encouraging them to push their own boundaries and embrace the exhilaration of nature. Through her awe-inspiring adventures, Rachael breaks down stereotypes, challenging the notion that certain activities are reserved for one gender. She showcases that passion and skill have no gender limits, and anyone can embark on thrilling outdoor pursuits and become a Mountaineering Instructor.


Her expeditions have taken her to breathtaking heights and demanding terrains, leaving a trail of triumphs in her wake. Rachael has pedaled her bike across the picturesque landscapes of Nepal, fearlessly conquered the grueling Strathpuffer 24-hour endurance course, and navigated the twisting trails of the enchanting Highland forests. Her mountaineering achievements are equally remarkable, with over 100 Munros already conquered and a desire to keep counting.

Scaling iconic landmarks such as El Capitan in Yosemite and reaching altitudes of 6000 meters in the Himalayas, Rachael fearlessly leaves her mark on the world. The imposing north face of Ben Nevis bears witness to her indomitable spirit. Among the countless extraordinary experiences she has had, Rachael holds dear the ascent of The Original Route on The Old Man of Hoy—a pinnacle of adventure nestled in the captivating Orkney Islands.


Not content with simply conquering outdoor challenges, Rachael’s love for exploration extends to her travels around the world. Seeking not only physical feats but also the joy of discovery, she has embarked on journeys that have taken her to Asia, where she has encountered remarkable moments and witnessed historical events. In an unexpected twist of fate, Rachael found herself crossing paths with President Obama during a visit to Burma (Myanmar), becoming part of the vibrant carnival surrounding the first-ever US state visit to the country.

Throughout her travels, Rachael has relished unique encounters and unforgettable experiences. She has walked across the enchanting living root bridges of Cherrapunjee in northeastern India, and The iconic Darjeeling steam train has whisked her away on a delightful journey through scenic landscapes, leaving lasting memories etched in her heart. Rachael has also had the privilege of sharing dinner with the Nepali Army in Bhojpur and breaking bread with the monks of northeastern Thailand, immersing herself in the rich cultural tapestry of the places she visits.


Despite all her incredible adventures, Rachael’s love for her home country, the UK, remains steadfast. She finds solace and awe in the diverse landscapes and experiences it offers. From savouring the unique delicacy of laverbread in South Wales to embracing the simplicity of cooking fresh mussels on a Hebridean island using a trusty jet-boil, Rachael cherishes the beauty and richness of her homeland.

In Rachael, we find not only an inspiration but a fearless adventurer, a mountaineering genius, and a passionate explorer of both the world’s wonders and her own capabilities. Her story serves as a powerful reminder to embrace our own ambitions, conquer the unknown, and appreciate the marvels that await us, both near and far. Rachael’s indomitable spirit exemplifies the boundless possibilities that lie within each of us. So let her extraordinary journey ignite your own sense of adventure, reminding you that the world is waiting to be discovered. Embrace the outdoors, push your limits, and embark on your own remarkable path.

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Listen to Rachael’s Story

Listen to the full podcast HERE.

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Rachael’s journey is a testament to her belief that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, regardless of their gender.

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