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Just completed the Outdoor Instructor Training Course: Now What?

Once you have completed your course there are lots of options that you can do.

So you’ve just completed your Outdoor Instructor training course and have acquired a wealth of qualifications to kickstart your career in the great outdoors, You’re on the cusp of an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities. So, what exactly lies ahead for you now?

First and foremost, you’ll want to take a moment to reflect on your achievements. The journey you’ve just completed was no small feat. You’ve gained valuable knowledge and developed the essential skills and expertise needed to thrive in the outdoor adventure industry.

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The Outdoor Instructor training course with Land & Wave is a comprehensive program that equips you with a wide range of essential qualifications, setting you on a path to a fulfilling and dynamic career in the outdoor adventure industry. From paddle sports and climbing to coasteering and beyond, this course provides you with a robust skill set that opens up a myriad of exciting avenues for you to explore.

Upon successfully completing Land & Wave’s outdoor instructor training course, you’ll find yourself well-positioned for a world of exciting employment opportunities in the outdoor adventure industry. The statistics speak for themselves, with an impressive 98% employment rate among graduates of this program. This remarkable success rate not only underscores the quality of the training you’ve received but also highlights the strong demand for skilled outdoor instructors in the market.

While summer is undoubtedly a peak season for outdoor activities, with its long daylight hours and pleasant weather, it’s important to note that the opportunities for outdoor instruction aren’t limited to just this one season. In fact, the nature of the job often encourages instructors to chase the summer months, not just in the UK but around the globe.

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Seasonal Work

For many outdoor enthusiasts, the allure of exploring different corners of the world while pursuing their passion is a dream come true. After a successful summer season, some instructors choose to pack their bags and set off on international adventures. Whether it’s guiding treks through lush rainforests, leading expeditions in remote deserts, or instructing water sports in exotic coastal destinations, the possibilities are as diverse as the landscapes themselves.

If you enjoy winter sports, embarking on a winter ski season might be a thrilling choice. Plenty of outdoor instructors effortlessly shift from sunny summer activities to the snowy slopes of winter resorts, where they teach skiing or snowboarding to enthusiastic students. This not only allows for an outdoor lifestyle year-round but also offers the chance to enjoy winter wonderlands in different parts of the world.

As you gain experience and build your reputation as a skilled outdoor instructor, you’ll discover that there are opportunities for specialisation and leadership roles. You might find yourself mentoring new instructors, managing outdoor programs, or even contributing to the development of innovative adventure experiences.

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There are always opportunities to expand your knowledge and gain more qualifications to progress your career in the outdoors, for example, you can do your mountain leader qualification, Canoe Leader and progress your skills in bushcraft. These other qualifications will help you become more employable as well as give you a wider knowledge of your chosen skill.

Although the outdoor industry has a lot of seasonal work, there are opportunities for full-time work as well. This will give you the chance to be able to specialise in an activity, freelance or experience different employers.

But ultimately whatever you decide to do after you have completed your Outdoor Instructor Training course is up to you, you could further develop your qualifications, become a manager or start your own company. The choice is yours, your career, your adventure.

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Completed your qualifications and looking for your first job in the outdoor industry?

You’ve not only gained valuable knowledge but also developed the essential skills and expertise needed to thrive in the outdoor adventure industry.

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