Introducing Trainee Instructor: Joe Briadley

by Owen Senior News

Introducing Trainee Instructor: Joe Briadley

Introducing Trainee Instructor: Joe Briadley

Name: Joe Braidley Age: 21

​What were you​ doing before the course?

Before the course I was an activity instructor and before that I was in retail

Why did you choose the Land & Wave course? I chose Land & Wave because they had the best on offer for the best price and run by the best people!

Has the course lived up to your expectations? Has anything been better? The course has been fantastic. Every minute of it there were new things I love.

What have you most enjoyed about the course? I have enjoyed spending every single day doing something I love and the thought of doing it as a job is incredible.

What do you want to after the course? I would love to stay in this industry and hopefully take it abroad and visit the world while I’m at it


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