Introducing: Simon Payne

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Introducing: Simon Payne

Introducing: Simon Payne

Simon got his big break into the outdoor industry during our Accelerated Instructor Training last Winter. He managed to break out of the world of sales into this wonderful industry before it was too late! You’ll have to meet Simon to find out what he’s really like but the three words that spring to mind are: enthusiastic, committed and shy (!). He enjoys kayaking, cycling, running and swimming, often in sequence.

Why do you love working in the outdoors?

I love working in the outdoors because it lets me develop and encourage people to share in my passion for the outdoors and a cleaner way of living. Plus I get to do what I love everyday!

Whats your favourite bit of outdoor kit?

My tissues

What’s your next adventure?

My next big adventure is likely to be climbing the Matterhorn and Cullin traverse on the Isle of Sky this winter. I am also planning to run the 86 mile jurassic coast path in 24 hours next April.

Simon Payne Outdoor Instructor Jump Simon
Simon Payne Outdoor Instructor In the hills (where he belongs)

Simon Payne Outdoor Instructor

Simon Payne Outdoor Instructor Cook it first Simon
Simon Payne Outdoor Instructor Resuce Simon
Simon Payne Outdoor Instructor Thats it