Gear Review | Mystic Wetsuit

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Gear Review | Mystic Wetsuit

Gear Review | Mystic Wetsuit - Legend X

As outdoor instructors we spend a lot of time outside and a lot of that is in the water. Everything we do requires a fair amount of kit and we’re constantly on the lookout for new equipment and gear to try out.

Our Team Leader, Jonny Berry, came to us as he was looking for a new wetsuit - in his own words he’d been ‘rocking a back zip for a while’ but as it was the end of the Summer season he wanted something new and Winter friendly.

He searched around and came back confident the Mystic Legend X was the suit for him. From the second he laid eyes on the website it was love at first sight. He purchased it himself and couldn’t wait to test it out, here he tells us how he put it through its paces.jonny

Jonny Berry - Team Leader - Wetsuit Expert

One of my favourite parts of my job, is to take people out to enjoy  coasteering - coasteering is exploring our coastline, exploring caves, scrambling across rocks, climbing ledges and jumping from height.

It’s amazing fun but does require a fair amount of kit and sturdy kit at that. I’ve been wearing my Gul Vortex for almost 2 years now and I knew it was time for something new, especially as I was starting to see my shoulders through it! I chose the Mystic Legend X, they have 7 different full length wetsuits. This is their top of the range suit but is totally worth the money.


The Suit

  • Chest zip suit - After the initial struggle of putting it on in the car park (should have practiced more at home) it felt good, already tighter them my Gul had ever been.
  • 100% waterproof stretch taping - this is a high durable taping used inside the suit to avoid leaking and to keep it flexible and warm.
  • Power seam - applied on the outside of the seam and increases its strength and waterproof capabilities.
  • Aqua-barrier - silicone printing which forms a barrier, preventing water from entering your suit and an aqua flush which prevents the leg cuffs from filling up with water.

The Test 

I didn’t want to take it easy on the suit’s first run so I headed to Durdle Door, the closest place to me with the biggest jumps, and I didn’t hold back.

The first jump was around 22 ft and boy did all that theory come together. As I entered the water I didn’t get the usual ‘oh god’ moment as water flushed through my suit, instead as I resurfaced I could only think to myself, am I even wet?

I did keep in mind that this was the first time the suit was in water, so of course it was going to feel tight and not let water in straight away. However after 2 hours of sending it off jumps, the biggest one being 45 ft, and my body taking a good battering it was time to get out.

It occurred to me on this occasion my usual reason for getting out, being cold, wasn’t there! The suit had worked a treat, no flushes and no “hmmm I’m getting a bit chilly” moments, I was just knackered.


The Second Test

I wasn’t about to let it off so lightly and with a flying colours pass without running a second test. The Legend X is a fast drying suit.

I don’t have a drying room at home just a washing line between 2 trees and my suit normally stays out there overnight if it’s not supposed to rain.

I was a bit unsure if the suit would dry overnight as I just left it outside but in the morning I was amazed! The quick dry lining (torso and down to the knees) was bone dry, the rest of the suit was pretty dry too, except the ankles- but that doesn’t bother me. The idea of not having to put a wet wetsuit on again felt just too good to be true.

[video width=”1920” height=”1080” mp4=”/perch/resources/archive/2016/11/Mystic.mp4”][/video]

Thoughts (after a week of wearing it everyday)

I’m blown away by this suit, having now used it for a week.

It looks good, feels good and most importantly keeps me warm.

The M-Flex neoprene is amazing, moving around in the suit feels great, no rubbing, no resistance, just pure comfort.

The chest zip is incredible and with the aqua barrier there too it doesn’t flush and I stay warm on all my sessions - exactly what I was looking for.

I would highly recommend the Legend X to anyone looking for a durable, warm and comfortable wetsuit. Especially if you’re going to be jumping off ledges and scrambling across rocks.

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