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Inspiring Mum changes Career path and becomes an Outdoor Instructor at 48: Jennie’s Story!

Embracing the Outdoors After Raising Children and becoming an Outdoor Instructor.

Jennie is an inspiring mum who has found her calling in the breathtaking landscapes of Dorset and has become an Outdoor Instructor. At the age of 48 Jennie decided it was time to change her career path and after her children had left home she decided to do something for herself that she was passionate about and that she enjoyed. As an outdoor instructor working for Land & Wave, she brings her passion for adventure to life, inspiring others to embrace the wild side of nature.

Jennie grew up in a farm in Cheshire and loved the outdoors whilst growing up and knew the outdoors was her her from the get go. As a teenager she explored and on the weekends she went sailing in North Wales, sailing ran in the family so Jennie and her siblings often worked on sailing boats. This opportunity meant they were able to travel around the world and this opportunity landed Jennie in The Mediterranean. Jennie then went onto meet her husband in Malta whilst working on boats and then came over the the UK where they were able to expand their family.

A Career Change

Working at a local primary school, the hours were great as it suited her life style of raising a family with the school hours, however this didn’t fulfil Jennie’s passion for the outdoors and what she wanted to do. After a devastating loss of a close beloved family member Jennie decided it was time to embark on a journey of change, all though this was very daunting she knew it was the best thing to do in order to peruse a more adventurous and fulfilling career.

As her children grew older and left home to go onto their own endeavours Jennie decided it was time to take on her own path and finally do something that she was passionate about; which was take chance at becoming an Outdoor Instructor.

Jennie decided to put her plan into action and researched Outdoor Instructor training courses and decided that Land and Wave was the one for her. The decision to join the Outdoor Instructor Training at Land & Wave was a real turning point for her and she says it’s one of the best decisions she’s made. Jennie came along to the open day and did coasteering with her daughter, she loved the environment and the vibe the other outdoor instructors gave her. Despite Jennie’s fears and doubts she realised that age shouldn’t hold someone back from pursing their passions.

With an abundance of support from her children, partner and her parents Jennie booked onto the 15-Week Outdoor Instructor Training course and made the move to Dorset. Jennie’s passion and commitment to water activities radiate as she recounts her adventures during her initial season of work. She fearlessly tackled adverse weather conditions and fostered strong connections with clients, fully embracing all aspects of her newfound profession. Guided by industry role models and mentors, she constantly evolves and expands her knowledge, aiming for future achievements like becoming a Paddle Sport Leader (PSL) and a Mountain Leader.

Follow Jennie’s Footsteps

A great way for women to get involved and kickstart their career in the outdoors is the Outdoor Instructor Training course, this course is open to anyone Jennie encourages more women to sign up and start their careers in the outdoors as an activity instructor no matter what your age. The course is over 15 weeks and you gain 16 Qualifications that will really fast track you into a career in the outdoors and become an outdoor instructor as well as give you the chance to meet other likeminded inspiring women.

Outdoor Instructor

Participating in the course not only grants women valuable qualifications and skills but also connects them with a supportive network of inspiring individuals. This network extends beyond the course duration, fostering lifelong friendships, professional collaborations, and ongoing mentorship. Together, these connections contribute to the growth and success of women within the outdoor industry.

Listen to Jennie’s Story

Outdoor Instructor

Listen to the full podcast HERE.

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Age shouldn’t hold someone back from pursing their passions.

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