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Activity Instructor to Inspiring Female Boss in 5 Years: Sophie’s Story!

Sophie Tanner is an empowering female boss and recently took part in the Tough Girl Podcast.

Allow me to introduce you to Sophie Tanner, an absolute gem of an Outdoor Adventure Activity Instructor! Sophie is all about sharing her passion for the breathtaking outdoors and she’s on a mission to encourage more women to jump into the adventure scene. She’s wholeheartedly dedicated to providing top-notch training, incredible job prospects, and awe-inspiring experiences, all geared towards empowering women and helping them discover a deep love for a career in the outdoors.

Born and raised in Dorset, Sophie’s love for the outdoors began at young age. Spending endless hours at the beach and in the forest, she solidified her love for the outdoors early on. Sophie was also encouraged by her family to engage in sports and spend time outdoors and developed a strong affinity for exploring and trying new things.


At the age of 16 Sophie found herself contemplating which direction she wanted her life to go in. All though she had a burning desire to pursue higher education, but she dreamt of a life in the great outdoors and exploring the world. Following her desire to explore the world, at 18 Sophie took a gap year and was on route to Australia and New Zealand ready to take the plunge into the great outback and see what adventurous opportunities this part of the world has to offer.

Exploring breathtaking landscapes, hiking through magnificent trails, and soaking up the beauty around her, Sophie’s passion for outdoor adventure took root. Her experience in Down Under solidified her passion for the outdoors and inspired her to become an activity instructor.

Activity Instructor

She then went to pursue a degree in Outdoor Adventure Recreation at university and was determined to become an outdoor activity instructor. Whilst still at university during her summer holidays she worked at kids holiday clubs, here she taught and coached sports in schools inspiring young minds to get active and enjoy the outdoors.

After securing her degree at university Sophie was still eager to travel the world and embarked on a 9 month adventure to see the world. On her travels she explored Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Colombia, and Canadas. These incredible journeys not only broadened her horizons but also ignited an even stronger drive within her to create a meaningful impact in the outdoor industry.


Once Sophie became part of the Land & Wave team as an outdoor activity instructor she wholeheartedly committed herself to gaining additional qualifications that were vital for her outdoor pursuits. She went above and beyond, obtaining her First Aid certification and successfully completing her Mountain Leader training in the stunning landscapes of Wales. These achievements opened up exciting opportunities for her to work full-time in the great outdoors. Sophie absolutely thrived on the physical challenges that came with her job, all while making sure to prioritise the crucial aspects of rest and recovery.

Activity Instructor

Whilst working as an activity instructor Sophie recognised the challenges that women face in the outdoors industry. By generously sharing her wisdom and advice on tackling challenging situations she is always supporting fellow aspiring female adventurers. Sophie encourages more women to get involved in the outdoor industry as it is predominantly a male dominated industry. Sophie is always hands on and helps organise open days where women can come along and get involved in the outdoors. These fantastic events provide incredible opportunities for women to explore and discover the vast array of outdoor career options available to them.

Whilst Sophie has developed her career within the outdoor industry she has gone from an Activity Instructor to one of the business directors in just 5 years. Over the past 15 years, she’s witnessed some incredible transformations that have shaped the industry into what it is today. She’s here to share all those insights and offer some golden advice to women and girls who are eager to gain experience in this dynamic and thrilling field.

Activity Instructor Podcast

Women in the Outdoors

A great way for women to get involved and kickstart their career in the outdoors is the Outdoor Instructor Training course, this course is open to anyone and Sophie encourages more women to sign up and start their careers in the outdoors as an activity instructor. The course is over 15 weeks and you gain 16 Qualifications that will really fast track you into a career in the outdoors and become an activity instructor as well as give you the chance to meet other likeminded inspiring women.

If you’re craving an adrenaline rush like no other, you’ve got to check out Coasteering. It’s a thrilling activity that will have you bouncing, climbing, and swimming along the beautiful coastal landscapes. It’s the perfect way for women to unleash their adventurous spirit.

And finally, in her parting words of advice, Sophie leaves us with a lasting message. Whether you’re an aspiring outdoor enthusiast or a seasoned industry professional, she wants you to remember this: embrace the adventure and push your boundaries. The great outdoors is waiting for you!

Listen to Sophie’s Story

Listen to the full podcast episode HERE.

We’re proud to sponsor Tough Girl Challenges, Tough Girl Challenges is hosting a podcast which speaks with empowering women in the outdoors industry and are committed to amplifying the voices of women in outdoor professions and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Start your adventure in the outdoors and become an Activity Instructor by joining our Outdoor Instructor Training course:

By generously sharing her wisdom and advice on tackling challenging situations she is always supporting fellow aspiring female adventurers.

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