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We thought we’d simplify things; listing countries that staff currently working for Land & Wave have worked in using UK

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Lots of Outdoor Instructors work all over the world using qualifications from the UK. 

There isn't much rally clear information online about working overseas with UK outdoor qualifications.

We thought we'd simplify things...

We've created a list of countries that the Land & Wave crew have worked in using qualifications from the UK.

The list and comments below are based on our own experience, it's always worth a chat with a potential employer to make sure you can use your qualifications. 


Our List (in no particular order)....

The United Kingdom 



No problems at all, mostly for companies based in the UK. It's important to have international or French qualifications when working at a high level (high mountain guide, raft guide) though.


No problems at all when using British Canoeing, Royal Yachting Association or Mountain Training qualifications working for British and Spanish companies.

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Absolutely fine, no problems whatsoever.

North Africa 

No problems at all, qualifications from the UK are recognised and commonly used as a marker for quality.


Fine to use after a short assessment/ observation period, no problems using British Canoeing or Mountain Training qualifications.

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Fine to use after an interview and observation period that lasted a day or two, no problems using British Canoeing, Royal Yachting Association or Mountain Training qualifications.


No problems at all after an interview and a session or two working under observation.

New Zealand 

Absolutely fine, there's sometimes a period of observations or some additional training.

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South Africa 

No problems at all, checked certificates, emailed references and I was good to go.


Really easy, no problems.

Eastern Europe 

Didn't even ask to see certificates, didn't run into any problems.


Absolutely fine, never had any problems.

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UK qualifications are required by lots of companies.


No problems at all.

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RYA qualifications requested, never had any issues with UK qualifications

Remember, this is based on our experience only, there will be other people out there who have had different experiences but, as a guide, we think everything above is good advice.

Safe travelling, it's a wonderful, big wide world out there.

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by Owen Senior

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