Why NOT to work in the Outdoor + Adventure Industry

by Owen Senior Challenges

Why NOT to work in the Outdoor + Adventure Industry

Lots of people think that the outdoor and adventure industry is an awesome career choice, that can make people content, healthy, upbeat - even happy.

It’s important to keep things in perspective, working in the great outdoors isn’t a bed of roses all of the time.

We thought we’d offer some key reasons why you might NOT choose a career in Outdoor Education, Adventure Sports or Adventure Travel

Working Outdoors in all Weather 

If you work in the great outdoors you’re going to be outside A LOT. Sometimes it’ll be raining, sometimes it’ll be sunny, you don’t get to choose, you’ll have to take it all in your stride

Long hard days that require loads of effort and energy 

Some days work will start early and finish late. Some days you’ll spend HOURS walking uphill. Some days you’ll finish work tired


Being cold and wet

You’re going to spend some days immersed in water. You’re going to get rained on. You’re going to be cold and wet at least some of the time


Having to work with kids so much of the time

Sometimes your going to have to work with children. Children need loads of energy just to be around. Working with kids is tiring


You might have to work in places that your mum thinks are really dangerous

Like it or not you’re going to be working in some really exciting, adventurous, intense, remote, wild landscapes


There’s ALWAYS so much kit to sort out

Whether your coasteering in Dorset, climbing El Cap or climbing mountains in Scotland you’re going to need loads of kit


ALWAYS having bruises in weird places 

Throwing yourself down waterfalls, jumping in the sea, kayaking down rivers or climbing = bruises in weird and wonderful places. Fact


If you can cope with being outdoors, some long days, being cold and wet (etc) then get in touch. Land & Wave is based in Swanage on the Dorset Coast, we train lots of outdoor instructors every year, we’re always looking for new, awesome, people to help us create Epic Experiences in the great outdoors. We’d love to hear from you - www.landandwave.co.uk/training