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Top 7 reasons why it’s important to take your staff on a team away day

Whether you’re merging teams, trying to improve communication across departments, or integrating new staff - team away days are proven to work.

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1. Staff integration and team-building

          Whether you’re merging teams, trying to improve communication across departments, or onboarding (integrating) new staff - team away days are proven to work. Break the corporate mould by avoiding building a bridge out of straws in a bland conference room (we’ve all been there!) and find new ways to make team-building memorable.

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          2. Build employee resilience, tenacity & independence

            Don’t just complain that “they don’t make em’ like they used to”. Build resilient, tenacious staff by investing in their development. Moving your employees out of their natural comfort zone is a great way to help them grow and thrive. They’ll thank you for it later. 

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            3. An opportunity to assess potential

              Team away days can be tailored to meet any objective. Adventure activities provide a great platform for assessing leadership potential as well as other desirable workplace skills: communication, resilience, teamwork, independence etc. 

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              4. Improve employee retention

                Team away days are a great way to recognise and celebrate your staff, they help foster teamwork and show you care about your employee’s work-life balance. If you invest in your staff and their happiness, they will reward you with loyalty.

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                5. Look after employee health - physical & mental

                  There shouldn’t be a need to expand on this. The physical and mental health of your employees should be top of the priority list in any business. Your people are your greatest asset, so treat them like they are. 

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                  6. Think outside the box 

                    Taking your team away from their normal working environment and into the great outdoors helps aid creative thinking. Adventurous team building gives employees permission to let their hair down and the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other in a new setting. 

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                    7. Create a culture you’re proud of & make sure your company stands out from the crowd

                      Everyone wants to work for a company that looks after their employees. Everyone wants to work for a company who invests in their professional AND personal progression. Create a healthy workplace culture and you’ll be surprised how it can positively impact recruitment. After all, your vibe attracts your tribe…

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                      How Land & Wave can help…

                      1. Individual adventure session (2-3 hours)
                        Starting from £15pp
                        Short on time or budget? Take your team out of the office for a 3 hour adventure session! Choose from paddle boarding, kayaking, raft building and much more...

                      2. 24 hours of adventure
                        Starting from £100pp
                        Arrive at midday and leave at midday the following day. Camp overnight in the woods. Enjoy 24 hours of epic adventures, including paddle boarding, survival skills and campfire cooking.

                      3. We’ll come to you!
                        Starting from £30pp

                        Whilst we can’t bring the mountains or sea to your office! We can certainly bring our expert instructors to run a whole range of team building activities on site at your office. Just tell us your objectives and we’ll create a bespoke programme to meet your needs.

                        Call Izzie on 01929 423 031 to talk about your specific requests.

                      4. Ultimate Challenge Week
                        Starting from £300pp

                        5 days & 4 nights of incredible adventure. Choose from Wales or Dorset. This is the ultimate team building week. Perfect for senior leadership teams who need to spend quality time together - or a great opportunity to integrate a new intake of graduates. 

                        5. Bespoke team away day


                              Tell us what you want and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen! Call Izzie on 01929 423 031 to talk about your specific requests.

                              by Rosie Tanner

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