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Top 5 Weather Apps for Predicting the Forecast

Whether it’s to check to see what to wear, what time sunrise is or which way the winds blowing these apps will help you work it out…

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Before heading out on any adventure, checking the weather is essential.

Whether it’s to check to see what to wear, what time sunrise is or which way the wind's blowing, weather apps are invaluable. 

Luckily with technology, checking the weather is now at our finger tips.

This is especially helpful for us at Land & Wave. We are constantly checking the forecast to make sure our activities, such as Paddle Boarding and Coasteering can go ahead.

So to help you work out what sort of roller coaster the British weather is going to create for you this week, we’ve selected our Top 5 Weather Apps for Predicting the Forecast.

1. Met Office

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This is a personal favourite for our instructors to check the 7 day forecast.

With easy to read forecasts and symbols, Met Office provides a quick and simple way to see what the weather has in store.

For today and tomorrow forecasts you can get an hourly breakdown of the weather conditions.

Met Office provides the following information for you to see what's going on outside:

  • Weather conditions (rain, sun, sun with clouds, fog mist)
  • Chance of precipitation
  • Temperature (°C or °F)
  • Feels like temperature
  • Wind direction and speed (mph, km/h, knots, m/s, beaufort)
  • Wind gust
  • Visibility (description or km)
  • Humidity
  • Sunrise and sunset time

Along with all the above info, the Met Office provides a great written 5 day forecast with headlines and quick summaries for the days ahead.

2. Magic Seaweed

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Magic Seaweed is a great app and website to find out what the sea and waves are up to.

Predominantly used by surfers, Magic Seaweed takes a picture of the state of the atmosphere and oceans right now and uses some complex mathematics to predict how they will change over the next week or two.

It was created over 10 year ago with the sole purpose to take the complicated and somewhat overwhelming meteorological and ocean data and interpret it in a way that is simple and useful for predicting the surf.

At Land & Wave we use it daily to check the forecast to make sure it is safe for us to head out Coasteering and Kayaking.

3. Clear Outside

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Clear Outside isn’t the best app to check the overall weather forecast but it is great if you want to see what the clouds are doing.

As you can tell from the name of the app, Clear Outside shows you the visibility forecast.

It’s been designed by astronomers for astronomers.

The main reason we use Clear Outside is for predicting cloud conditions for photo opportunities.

Being able to predict what the clouds formations are doing, gives you amazing photo opportunities especially if you get a cloud inversion.

In the right conditions, cloud inversions can lead to a thick layer of mist clinging to the ground.

If you are lucky enough to be standing on a hill when it happens you can be treated to an incredible blanket of cloud below you.

4. Wind Guru

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As you can probably tell Wind Guru is used for predicting the wind forecast.

At Land & Wave our paddling activities such as Paddle Boarding and Kayaking are subject to wind conditions.

For us to operate safely, we have to stay within our operating conditions. For us we don’t operate over winds that exceed Beaufort Force 3.

Beaufort is an empirical measure for describing wind intensity based on observed sea conditions.

Along with offering the beaufort wind scale, Wind Guru also offers wind speeds in:

  • Mph
  • Knots
  • m/s
  • km/h

Along with wind speed, Wind guru also shows you the wind direction. This is important when planning paddling trips, as paddling into the wind is much harder than using the wind to blow you in your desired direction.

Wind direction also affects the way the temperature feels, a northerly wind will cause the air temperature to be colder compared to a southerly wind.

5. Alpenglow

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For those sunrise or sunset lovers, this is the app for you.

To save yourself a wasted trip to your favourite sunset location, Alpenglow predicts the quality of the sunrise/sunset at your desired location.

It’s a super simple app that also tells you the Blue and Golden hour timings for both morning and evening.

So if you like heading out in the most beautiful lighting of the day, this is the app for you.

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Even throughout the winter here at Land & Wave we are out and about adventuring. We use these Apps to make sure the conditions are safe for use to go out and explore our amazing coastline.

We also use the weather apps to get the best conditions to capture content for our social media and websites.

You can check out some of the awesome pictures we’ve captured on Instagram.

Throughout the winter we run our 15 week Outdoor Instructor Training course where we teach all the trainees how to read and use these weather apps to plan there own adventures.

Our 15-week, full-time training course gives you the opportunity to gain 15 qualifications in a wide range of sea and land-based activities.

If you’re interested in becoming an outdoor instructor and being able to teach and instruct a wide range of land and water based adventure activities you should check out our Outdoor Instructor Training course.

Join us for a free open day by heading to our Outdoor Instructor Training page.

Please call 01929 423 031 or email to book a place.

          by Jonny Berry

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