The BTEC Year 12's first kayak journey!

by Graham Milton Adventure

The BTEC Year 12's first kayak journey!

Last Thursday was the first kayak journey for our BTEC Year 12’s. This is an important part of the course as they make their way towards their BCU 2 and 3 star awards.

Journeys are not only a part of the 3 Star syllabus but they are a great way to cement skills and most importantly allow students to get out exploring the great outdoors by kayak.

We started our journey in Wareham with ambitions of getting out into the infamous Poole Harbour!

Cruising down the river we made great headway and especially considering this was the first time many of them had been in sea kayaks. However we knew full well that with the wind behind us the journey back was going to be much tougher!

When we arrived at the mouth of the Wareham river we stopped for a spot of lunch, during which time the wind picked up slightly so we made the decision to head back up river rather than explore the harbour. We’ll have to leave the harbour for next time!

The way back was certainly pretty tough and the guys did an incredible job battling against the wind to keep their sea boats tracking in a straight line all the way back to Wareham.

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BTEC Level 3 Sam giving a briefing at Wareham