St. Davids Weekender

Land & Wave’s Graham explores the awesome tidal races and caves in Pembrokeshire. Check out his amazing photos from his latest mini adventure

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Paddling 'The Bitches' (a tidal race off the coast of Pembrokeshire) has been sat idle on my bucket list for years. Fortunately an old paddling friend made made it all rather easy; "Turn up and this campsite and this day and we'll go from there." Nice

As a keen kayaker, The Bitches definitely lived up to the hype.

A surprise bonus highlight was the opportunity to explore the stunning cliffs and caves along stunning Pembrokeshire coastline. Thanks to Bob at TYF  for showing us around!

A few soul surfs...

Surfing. Graham Surfing

Some chill time at Blue Lagoon waiting for the tide to come in...

Coasteering. Blue Lagoon 1
Coasteering. High jump Blue Lagoon

Some exploring after paddling...

Coasteering. Ben Jumping
Coasteering. Ben 2
Coasteering.  Group Entry
Coasteering. The Cave - Group 1
Caving. Group in Cave
Coasteering. Group at End

by Graham Milton

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