Sophie Speaks at Natural History Museum

This week, Operations Director, Sophie Tanner, took to the stage at The Natural History Museum to talk to teachers about the intricacies of planning adventurous school trips.

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This week our wonderful Operations Director - Sophie Tanner, took to the stage at The Natural History Museum to talk to teachers about the nuts and bolts of planning adventurous school trips.

The FEEVA Conference (Forum for EVOLVE Educational Visits Associates) was a chance for school trip organisers to gather, learn and explore more about the role of the Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC).

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We met loads of energetic, impassioned teachers who support the concept of getting kids outdoors. 

Sophie was part of a great line-up of speakers including journalists, authors and leading professionals from HSE (Health & Safety executive), the Department of Education and Learning Outside the Classroom.

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Kitted up with a ‘Britney Mic’, Sophie presented to a packed theatre on the the theme ‘Adventure For Good: What to Expect from a School Trip’. Loads of advice for teachers about the fine details they should be looking for when working with a school trip provider...

- Knowing the instructors are happy, well-paid and motivated- Knowing kit is regularly safety-checked and of a high quality

- Finding a provider who’s ethos aligns with your own 

- Picking a provider based on their variety and quality of locations i.e are they challenging enough? Do they encompass nature?

- Using a company who are strong, clear communicators from the very beginning

- Finally finding companies who value people; their clients, their staff, their community

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Sophie had a heap of kind comments from teachers after her talk - all commenting on how they loved her energy and the details that were covered. Nice one Soph!

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by Rosie Tanner

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