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We’re really proud of our training courses. We’re really excited about how our courses grow and diversify in the future.

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We’ve just spent the winter training 24 excellent human beings.

Outdoor Instructor Training runs through November, December, January and February each year.

We’re in our 5th year of Outdoor Instructor Training. All our (awesome) trainees achieved a 100% pass rate across every single qualification; maintaining the record from the start.

We’ve worked hard to improve our Outdoor Instructor Training course every year; this winter was the culmination of 5 years of hard work and development.

We’re really proud of our training courses. We’re really excited about how our courses grow and diversify in the future.

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What went well this winter?

We increased the size of the course from 16 to 24 candidates. A bigger course meant meant more personalities, more characters and more energy

It was our second year using lots of (brilliant) external trainers and assessors, some of the best people in the business.

We increased the size of our full time team of Lead Instructor; there were more people to learn from, different teaching styles and greater experience within the team.

We extended the course by a week. There was more time to get stuff done.

We added white water safety and rescue training and spent more time on the river – days on the river are good days…

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What we could have done better this winter?

Better pre course information. We need to give trainees copies of log books, training frameworks and better qualification information sooner.

We need to find good quality bunk house accommodation that can fit 16 (ish) people in Dartmoor or South Wales. If you know somewhere excellent please let us know!

If trainees are ill, injured or run down we need to MAKE them rest for a day or two.

We could probably check that people are looking after their personal equipment a bit more rigorously.

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What’s improving for Outdoor Instructor Training 2018/19? 

We’re giving out better pre course information.

We’re going to promote a second course manager.

We’re analysing what people do after the course, we might make some changes to the qualification framework.

We’re going to spend more time in a larger variety of locations; we’re going to travel more and visit different rivers, crags, hills and coastlines.

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What’s staying the same during Outdoor Instructor Training 2018/19? 

The cost of the course will remain the same for another year. Land & wave will continue to subsidise equipment and accommodation to make the course as cost effective as possible.

We’re maintaining, and adding to, our team of full time Lead Instructors.

We’re hoping to use the same (wonderful) external trainers and assessors that we used this year.

We’re still using Harrow House to accommodate trainees; it’s a great facility and the pool, gym and sports facilities are a great addition to our training.

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What’s next?

Our next Instructor Training open day is on Saturday the 21st of April. It’s a great, free, opportunity to find out about the course and the Adventure Industry more generally, jump in the sea and visit sunny Dorset.

Land & Wave is offering free ‘pre course training’ during 2018. Candidates can visit us whenever they like to start building experience, log books and skills. Accommodation and food are normally free if you want to stay overnight.

We don’t think we’re going to increase the size of the course; we have at least 13 places available for the 4 month course starting in November this year.

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There’s lots more information about the course and working in the adventure industry within our blog…





by Phoebe Webster

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