March 2020 Training Courses | North Wales | Rivers and Mountains

Brilliant courses in North Wales. Great instructors and coaches. Accommodation and food included. One price - no hidden costs. Get your course booked!

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Every year Land & Wave heads to North Wales for a few glorious weeks of mountains, rivers and crags.

Land & Wave Instructors get as many free courses as they can fit in.

We always have spare places on courses, we don't run these courses to make a profit so they're great value.

We've booked YHA Snowdon Ranger as our base during March 2020; warm, comfortable and in a great location.

Courses and links below....

Canoeing. British Canoeing Coach Awards - Canoe

Canoe Leader Assessment | Two Days | 19th and 20th of March.

Course Provider: Ian Dovey

Cost: £200

Book Here

Canoe Leader Training | Three Days | 23rd - 25th of March.

Course Provider: Ian Dovey

Cost: £220

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White Water Kayak Leader Training | Two Days | 26th and 27th of March 

Course Provider: Ian Dovey

Cost: £200

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Mountain Leader Training | 6 Days | 16th - 21st March 

Course Provider
: Mark Garland 

Cost: £380

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Mountain Leader Assessment | 5 Days | 23rd - 27th March

Course Provider: Mark Garland 

Cost: £400

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Rock Climbing Instructor Assessment | 2 Days | 22nd and 23rd March

Course Provider: 
Mark Garland 

Cost: £140

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Accommodation is free from the first day and for the duration of your course.

Accommodation before or after your course may be available for £20 a night including 'basic' food.

Food is provided for free, it is not a service, nor should you expect lots of choice or that specific items  will be provided.

Food is cooked communally, it might be a struggle to cater for some dietary requirements.

If you have specific dietary requirements you should plan to supply your own food, no discounts will be given. 

You will need to provide extra food for snacking on the hill/ river. 

by Owen Senior

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