Land & Wave People – Sophie Tanner – Operations

by Phoebe Webster News

Land & Wave People – Sophie Tanner – Operations

Land & Wave People - Sophie Tanner

An Adventure is always better when you have brilliant people to share it with.

Land & Wave people are wonderful human beings, our little company wouldn’t be half as much fun without them.

Every single person that works for Land & Wave helps to shape what we do and how we do it.

Sophie Tanner - Operations 

Sophie is in charge of making sure things at Land & Wave actually happen; when they’re supposed to and how they’re supposed to. She makes sure people and equipment are in the right place at the right time. Somehow she also finds the time to jump in the sea, get in the woods and teach our brilliant BTEC course - she’s a master of all things Land & Wave.

Sophie lives in Swanage, she has a Springer Spaniel called Roxy, drives a MASSIVE van and loves the sun, cheese and the finer things in life.

Sophie has been working for Land & Wave for 8 years. She refuses to believe that it has been quite that long.

Sophie Tanner - Facts and Figures

Special skill: Accessorising

Hair: 9/10 - under control almost 50% of the time…

Arts and Crafts: 8/10 - if you need a jumper knitted or a wall hanging macraméd then Soph is your girl

Favourite food: Cheese.

Favourite place to be: On the beach or in the sea. Anywhere sunny.

Looks great in: Head bands

Sophie Tanner at Land & Wave

Sophie had dreams of being a club rep; instead she came to work for Land & Wave. She is SUPER organised and hardly ever relies on working really hard at the last minute.

Sophie teaches on the BTEC course, trains our instructors, runs first aid courses, co-ordinates staffing and loads more. She’s pretty indispensable and we’re always a little nervous that, one day, she’ll realise that.

What Sophie says

Favourite thing about working for Land & Wave: Being outside when it’s sunny. Jumping in the sea.

Favourite thing: Van life, trips away, windy beaches, sunny days after a grey winter.

What on earth will I be doing in 5 years: More things in the sunshine…

Love Land & Wave People!