Land & Wave People – Jack Campion – Lead Instructor

by Owen Senior News

Land & Wave People – Jack Campion – Lead Instructor

Land & Wave People - Jack Campion 

An Adventure is always better when you have brilliant people to share it with.

Land & Wave people are wonderful human beings, our little company wouldn’t be half as much fun without them.

Every single person that works for Land & Wave helps to shape what we do and how we do it.

Jack Campion - Lead Instructor 

Jack is a full time Lead Instructor, he spends loads of time out in the landscape helping people have Epic Experiences, he helps us develop our staff team, coordinates residentials and works really hard.

Jack lives in Swanage, LOVES a kayak, spends hours in his allotment and drives a super pimp, almost new, shiny, not smelly at all van.

Jack has been working for Land & Wave off and on for 7 years, he’s been part of the full time team for 2 years.

Jack Campion the Facts and Figures

Special skill: Locating and eating chicken

Hair: 5/10 (There are more important things to worry about in life)

Arts and Crafts: 7/10 Jack has won awards for flower arranging and growing the largest marrow in East Dorset

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite place to be: Rivers

Looks great in: Anything which doesn’t make him look a bit pale

Jack Campion at Land & Wave

Jack is a full time Lead Instructor; he helps Land & Wave train instructors and sets high standards, he make sure our evening our activities are good enough.

Jack struggles to find T-shirts that fit. He doesn’t have fat shoulders. We’re working with our uniform suppliers to get this worked out.

Jack has worked for Land  & Wave in various guises since he was 18. He’s part of the family!

What Jack Says

Favourite thing about working for Land & Wave: Higher that average ratio of ginger people

Favourite thing: My Kayak

Why I don’t get rid of my van: Because it hardly ever breaks anymore

What on earth will I be doing in 5 years: No idea!

Love Land & Wave People!