Land & Wave is looking for a company to merge with in Wales

Land & Wave has grown because we provide a high quality experience that’s supported by great administration, marketing, software and systems. We still do what our industry does well and we’ve added what other industries do better.

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Land & Wave is going to Expand.

We're looking for new opportunities, buildings and/ or land we can build on in Wales.

Before we spend lots of money building a new base we thought we'd see if there are any organisations/ businesses/ centres that might want to merge with Land & Wave.

The idea of combining two great companies to create something better than the sum of their parts is really exciting.

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What we can offer…

  • We’ll invest in improvements and infrastructure
  • We’ll bring in more business
  • We'll answer the phone
  • We'll respond to enquires
  • Systems, software and support 

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        What we want...

        • Accommodation: 40 - 120 beds
        • Activities: high quality 'landscape' adventure 
        • Well paid, well motivated staff
        • A great reputation that we can help build in the future 

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        Why now...

        The time has come…

        Land & Wave is 10 years old this September.

        A decade ago we were two Outdoor Instructors without much idea how to run a business.

        Now we have 18 brilliant people working with us all year round and a seasonal team that’s 35 strong between March and November.

        We’re good at…

        • Helping people have adventures in Dorset
        • Training outdoor instructors
        • Office support: admin, finance, systems and software
        • Marketing, PR and branding

        We already work outside of Dorset, we hire accommodation to provide challenge weeks and training courses in Devon, South Wales and Snowdonia.

        The amount we spend hiring accommodation has increased to the point where it would be much better value to buy/ build our own facility (or merge with another company).

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        How a merger might work...

        If you're interested in working closely or merging then please get in touch.

        We could buy your company or organisation.

        We could merge the two organisations and issue new shares as appropriate.

        We could buy your companies assets.


        Get in touch...

        If you fancy a chat about this give us a call - 01929 423 031 - ask for Owen, Dave or Sophie.

        If you have any specific questions then drop me an email -

        If you'd like to talk over coffee then we're in Wales loads during March let us know when works for you.

        by Owen Senior

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