Kayaking Kit for Beginners

by Owen Senior Adventure

Kayaking Kit for Beginners

Kayaking Kit for Beginners

The Equipment

The Boat: Perception Triumph

Cost: £400 - £450

Website: www.perception.co.uk

Description: This is a great kayak for leisure paddlers. This ‘sit on top’ kayak can be used for exploring, fishing and playing

The Paddle

Cost: £35

Website: www.bournemouthcanoes.co.uk

Description: Bournemouth Canoes has a wide range of paddles starting at £35. There’s no need to spend lots of money on paddles but it is worth buying them ‘in store’

The Buoyancy Aid

Cost: £30 - £60


Description: Palm Equipment makes brilliant buoyancy aids. Choose something that is comfortable, simple and of good quality

There’s lots of shiny equipment you can buy if you catch the kayaking bug but the basics are be very affordable and there’s plenty of second hand equipment available. EBay is great for buying kayaks, plus local watersports companies frequently sell second hand boats so keep your eyes open and you could grab a bargain.