Introducing Trainee Instructor: Kirsty Chapman

by Owen Senior News

Introducing Trainee Instructor: Kirsty Chapman

Introducing the wonderful Kirsty

Name: Kirsty Chapman Age​: 41 (but feel free to skip that bit!) ​What were you​ doing before the course?

Teaching French & German in secondary schools. Why did you choose the Land & Wave course?

A really wide-ranging course, offering opportunities to learn lots of new outdoor skills in a great location. Good accommodation and a great kit package. Has the course lived up to your expectations? Has anything been better?

The course has definitely met my expectations - a good level of challenge with really high quality instruction. What have you most enjoyed about the course?

It’s really hard to pinpoint one particular thing but having the opportunity to spend entire days outdoors and add an extra dimension to the enjoyment of the coast & countryside by learning new skills whilst having loads of fun had been fantastic! What do you want to after the course?

I definitely want to gain professional experience within the outdoor industry and then see where that takes me.