Introducing Trainee Instructor: Kerryn Wyatt

by Graham Milton News

Introducing Trainee Instructor: Kerryn Wyatt

Introducing Kerryn Wyatt

Name: Kerryn Wyatt Age: 20 What was I doing before the course?

Before the course I had done a year working at a children’s residential activity centre where I instructed kids aged 7-17 over a range of different activities.

Why did I choose the land & wave course?

I chose this course because I was looking for something where I could get lots of qualifications over the winter which is a quiet season in the outdoor industry. The time scale for the course made it ideal to fill in the winter months before I get a job doing the things I love doing. After visiting for a day to meet last year’s course doers and instructors I loved the vibe that the sessions had.

Has the course lived up to my expectations? Has anything been better?

The course has definitely lived up to and gone beyond my expectations. It’s the best decision I have ever made. Everyone is so willing to help you as you work towards the qualifications and the pace is perfect to learn as much as we possibly can in a practical way that gives us the experience we need to be professionals in the outdoor industry.

What have you enjoyed most about the course?

Anything that gets me outdoors. I’m really loving the fact that with some of the activities I started of with almost no knowledge, and now, half way through the course I have learned so much and I can see a clear progression which I love!

What do I want to do after the course?

After the course I hope to get a job working in a company where I can use as many of my qualifications as possible to encourage other people to partake in the activities I enjoy so much.