Introducing Trainee Instructor: Kerry Rudd

by Owen Senior News

Introducing Trainee Instructor: Kerry Rudd

Introducing Trainee Instructor: Kerry RuddName: Kerry Rudd Age​: 24 ​What were you​ doing before the course?

A nursery teacher in a forest school Why did you choose the Land & Wave course?

Growing up in Swanage I’ve always made the most of being by the sea and then a months travelling in NZ trying out some amazing activities made me consider training in outdoor pursuits. Has the course lived up to your expectations?

I didn’t expect to have learnt so much in such a short space of time, the course is so full on that its only when you take a step back you can see how much you’ve covered

Has anything been better?

The instructors. Each one of them is so knowledgeable and comfortable in their role as instructors. What have you most enjoyed about the course?

Climbing has probably been the activity I’ve enjoyed most as its forced me to push myself and go beyond what I thought I was capable of.

What do you want to after the course?

I would love to travel some more and gain some more qualifications in different activities such as caving.

Kerry Rudd