Introducing: Sam Locke

by TheBox News

Introducing: Sam Locke

Introducing: Sam Locke

Sam has been on our Accelerated Instructor Training course over the Winter and we’re delight to have her working with us over this season. She’s a local Dorset gal who decided to break into the outdoor industry after a spell of travelling around the world. If Dorset can keep this one entertained for a season then it must be a pretty special place. Point a camera at Sam and she will stick her tongue out.

Why do you love working in the outdoors?

I love working outdoors because every day is an adventure, you can’t beat fresh air or sunshine, it’s a big old space to burn all my energy in, and ultimately because it puts a permanent cheesy grin on my face.

Whats your favourite bit of outdoor kit?

My favourite bit of outdoor kit is my wetsuit- it means I can splash and play about in the water as much as I like!

What’s your next adventure?

My next adventure is undecided… but its sure to involve some mountains, water, campfires and maybe a blow up dinghy.

Sam Locke - Outdoor Instructor Tongue
Sam Locke - Outdoor Instructor Bushcraft Sam
Sam Locke - Outdoor Instructor Not Dancing at Dancing Ledge
Sam Locke - Outdoor Instructor Tongue
Sam Locke - Outdoor Instructor Eyes and tonge
Sam Locke - Outdoor Instructor Climbing Sam
Sam Locke - Outdoor Instructor Fun Sam
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