Introducing: Nat Crabb

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Introducing: Nat Crabb

Introducing: Nat Crabb

Nat has not only been a pleasure to have on our Accelerated Instructor Course, she has also helped stuff all of our brains with her vast knowledge of all things marine. What this girl doesn’t know about the secret power of star fish just isn’t worth knowing! If you’re really lucky you’ll get to go Eco-coasteering with Nat this Summer and you’ll never loose a marine-biology-themed pub quiz again.

Why do you love working in the outdoors?

I love working in the outdoors because its never the same, never the same 4 walls and people and there’s so much to smile about outdoors :D

Whats your favourite bit of outdoor kit?

My backpack so I can carry lots of food :)

What’s your next adventure?

Walking from Cornwall to Swanage, and this summer is an adventure!

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