How many instructor courses do this!?

by TheBox Adventure

How many instructor courses do this!?

How many instructor courses do this!?

One of the most unique things you will get to do on our Accelerated Instructor Training (AIT) is to learn how to butcher a deer! Its one of our most popular offerings for Stag Do’s and interest in schools wanting to take their bushcraft provision to the next level is on the up. There is a lot of technique and knowledge to master before the you really impress groups and our current students are well on the way.

Here are some photo of our recent deer butchery session at our new Bushcraft site. If you’d like to see a more detailed post about how to butcher a deer please click here

0. the start A crisp Winters morning at Bushcraft camp
1. John Campfire Firing up the brew’s for the session
2. Master Class A quick introduction before we get hands on
3. Making the first cut Matt making the first incision
4. Removing the pelt Simon getting his hands in!
 Removing the pelt Carefully removing the pelt
The Pelt All the pelts are salted and made into rugs
Sam loving it Sam loving it
Thelme Flintstone Thelme Flintstone aka Sam
9. Removing the carcus Alex making the crucial cut
10. Time to cook Dorset venison steaks! Oh yeah
11. Time to eat Nom nom nom

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