Give Adventure Not Tat

by Phoebe Webster News

Give Adventure Not Tat

Give Adventure Not Tat This Christmas

This year, Land & Wave are shouting loud and proud about the ‘Say No To Tat’ campaign.

We’ve previously sold Christmas Vouchers with very little thought other than ‘it’s a nice thing to do and people ask for them’. We’ve never considered it an alternative planet-friendly present-giving option.

So here we are declaring to all -  Give Adventure Not Tat.

We spoke about the anti plastic rule for Secret Santa and the ‘no tat’ and instead choose adventure, choose outside and choose experiences.

We also said that we’d be bringing you our personal Top 5 Experience picks for Kids, for Him and for Her over the next few weeks and we promise it’s going to be a tat-free zone. Here’s Phoebe’s Top 5 Experience picks for Her -

  1. Furleigh Estate. This has been top of the list since Sophie bought it as a family present last year and they came back with tasters of their sparkling wine and high praise. Guaranteed winner for a present, wine and women are the ultimate combination. Locally based near Bridport, Dorset tours of the impressive estate start from £12.50 and can be bought as a voucher.
  2. Aerial Yoga. We’re lucky enough to have private yoga tuition from teacher Ellie Cohn who runs these awesome aerial yoga classes at Yoga Bournemouth. As all New Years resolutions generally feature ‘get fit’, why not gift something that ticks that off AND have fun. Suspended in the air by hammocks this is yoga but with a serious difference. Classes start from £10.
  3. New Forest Cycle. There really is nothing like the simple pleasures of a bike ride. Head into the nearby (to us) New Forest hire a bike for a day, explore the sites and inevitably end up at a pub lunch. If the budget stretches that far then why not make it a Pig In The Forest lunch and perhaps even a sneaky spa treatment (the classic Christmas gift voucher present) too.
  4. Kew Gardens. If like me you get a bit overwhelmed with the activities on offer in London (small town girl through and through) then head to Kew Gardens. Only 1 hr 45 min from Bournemouth and always something spectacular on, it will not disappoint.
  5. Get Outside

Say NO to boring presents, say NO to mind-numbing electronics that get used once, say NO to boxsets, say NO to plastic and say NO to itchy jumpers from your Gran (okay we’ll let you off that last one).

Instead say YES to being outside, say YES to awesome adventures, say YES to jumping in the sea, say YES to spending time as a family, say YES to buying experiences not stuff this year.

Now of course we just so happen to have some handy adventure vouchers to help you do just this.

Choose from Coasteering, Weapons in the Woods, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Family Bushcraft. Take a look and see what suits your family and friends best.

Check out our Graham’s incredible acting skills in our Christmas video above and get a taste for adventure. Zoolander eat your heart out.

Give Adventure Not Tat Part 2 from Land & Wave on Vimeo.

Don’t get suckered by Black Friday deals and end up with a microwave that’s actually a radio, see-through toasters (WHY?!), voice controlled hairdryers and virtual reality glasses that will collect dust in your living room. It’s all pointless clutter.

Choose adventure, choose outside and choose experiences.

We’ll be bringing you our personal Top 5 Experience picks for Kids, for Him and for Her over the next few weeks and we promise it’s going to be a tat-free zone.

Get out there and find your adventure…#AdventurePeople