George Rogers - training highs and lows

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George Rogers - training highs and lows

George Rogers - training highs and lows

Land & Wave sponsors Corfe Hills school boy, George Rogers who is currently training for his biggest challenge to date


For people who didn’t read my previous blog, my name is George Rogers and I’m a swimmer. I’m doing a huge challenge in September called ‘Head 2 Home’ to raise money to start a career in swimming.   

Training trouble

At the moment training has been up and down; the good news is I’ve been having some great training sessions in my racing chair and walking. However I’ve been having some trouble with my handcycle and my health. I had to have a whole week off school last week as my immune system’s not the best and when I train a bit too hard I tend to get ill. But no worries, I’m fit and well again now. 

Back on the water

Some more good news is that I finally got a kayak session in, thanks to David at Land & Wave. At first, the kayaking looked like it was never going to happen. I was in the front seat of a tandem and due to my poor core stability and no back support, I was lying back so far, any farther and I would have been going backwards! 

Tweaks & adjustments

But then, eureka! I started in the back of the tandem with increased back support and it felt loads better. Although to make it even more comfy, we’re thinking of trying some seats out of a kayak with even more back support and finding some kind of foot support so I can keep myself upright. It’ll be like paddling in an arm chair. (I wish!)


Hand cycling is proving to be a challenge. Some of you may have read that it has already broken once, all looked set to go again but sadly in today’s training session it broke again, at the furthest point from home. Nightmare! 

Just keep going

With the days ticking down until the event, I have been training everyday on a different discipline including my swimming however, we are reviewing it and I may need a couple of days off here and there, as much as I want to do well I also have to stay well!