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Gear Review | Typhoon Dry Suits | Multi Sport 4

Everyone, every single person that works at Land & Wave, uses a Typhoon dry suit, we buy all of our trainee instructors a Hinge or Multisport 4 when they start with us.

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Gear Review | Typhoon Dry Suits | Land & Wave 

Typhoon dry suits are superb pieces of equipment, they are really well designed, wonderfully robust and as dependable as you can get.

We've never been given a Typhoon dry suit to test, we've paid for every single one.

This review is based on an average of four years use (so far), all the suits that we are using are still going strong.


Who's using them?

Everyone, every single person that works at Land & Wave, uses a Typhoon dry suit, we buy all of our trainee instructors a Hinge or Multisport 4 when they start with us.

We've tried different manufactures but, inevitably, we always end up coming back to Typhoon.

We're using the dry suits for sea kayaking, kayaking and canoeing down rivers, and keeping warm on winter 'beach' sessions; they get lots of use, some abuse and have never let us down.

We're using Typhoon dry suits professionally, they're being worn frequently, especially through the winter. We're not always able to look after them as well as we'd like to, they can't always be rinsed off or dried completely, we're often getting changed on beaches and in car parks.


Why we love them...

Typhoon dry suits are almost bullet proof, they endure a huge amount of very regular use in environments that are full of snags, sharp edges and spiky plants, the fabric the suits are constructed from is incredible stuff.

You might think that the weight and durability of the fabric would make the dry suits feel ungainly or restrictive but the well considered cut of the suits makes them feel comfortable, mobile and roomy without being bulky.

They 'breathe' and 'bead', letting moisture out of a surface dry suit is really important. Breathable fabric stops breathing once it's soaked and we've found that Typhoon dry suits bead moisture really well, allowing water to run off the fabric. It's not hard to look after the dry suits well enough to ensure that they continue to bead.

The suits that we use seem to be designed for frequent, professional use, zips, tabs and Velcro are all big enough to use and positioned well. 'Wear' points (bum, knees, elbows) are very well reinforced and articulated to a standard that prevents weak points being created by constant folding at knees and elbows.

We've never, ever had a suit de-laminate.


After Sales Service

Typhoon offer a free three year 'water tight' warranty...

"Typhoon dry suits, wetsuits and life jackets are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials, warranties are valid provided the product was purchased as first quality originally. The warranty does not cover latex seals & socks and also fabric socks. This warranty in no way affects your statutory rights".

That's an impressive warranty; especially in products designed to be used so intensively in such harsh environments.

Typhoon service and repair their dry suits in the UK, in fact they offer a full repairs and spares service for all dry suits, wetsuits, life jackets and accessories regardless of manufacturer.

Neck and wrist seals will eventually wear out. A neck seals costs £35 to replace, a pair of wrist seals costs £40 to replace.

If you're not really careful the socks of your dry suit will eventually get punctured, normally while getting changed in the park. It costs £60 to replace both of the dry suit socks .

We've always found Typhoon to be helpful and communicative.



We really haven't had any problems. Ever.

We've been buying lots of Typhoon dry suits each year for four years. We normally buy 40(ish) new dry suits each year for staff and trainees, we have never had a problem with a single one of those dry suits.

Some of the suits that are four years old have had the seals replaced, that process was quick and easy and the dry suits came back to us as good as new.


Should you buy a Typhoon dry suit?

Yes. Yes you should.

Don't muck around with any other manufacturer; Typhoon make superb dry suits that are beautifully functional, well fitted and incredibly robust.

Typhoon dry suits are very well priced, the warranty provided by Typhoon is superb, after sales service is very good and repairs and maintenance are quick, easy and to a very high standard.

Lots of our staff use the Hinge: click here. It's a great suit that is easy to 'self don' (you can put it on without assistance).

Some of our head coaches and guides use the PS330 Xtreme: click here. A little more bulky but incredibly robust and built for working hard in the great outdoors.


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