Gear Review | Thermos - Hammertone 1.0 Litre and 0.5 Litre

by Owen Senior News

Gear Review | Thermos - Hammertone 1.0 Litre and 0.5 Litre

Gear Review | Thermos - Hammertone 1.0 Litre and 0.5 Litre

We really, really like the Thermos Hammertone. We have them in 0.5 litre for staff and 1.0 litre for groups.

We’ve never had a free Thermos, we don’t even have a trade account - we’ve bought them all at full price.p1070218

We’re out and about with clients in all weather all year round.

We carry warm drinks with us right through Autumn, Winter and Spring. Sometimes a warm drink can be the difference between a client having a good time or a great time.

Land & Wave is based in Dorset, we run coasteering sessions 365 days a year, the water temperature can be as low as 8 degrees centigrade during the winter.Coasteering at dusk

We use Thermos Hammertone 1.0 Litre Stainless Steel Flasks to carry hot drinks for our staff and clients when we’re Sea Kayaking, Coasteering, Paddle Boarding, Climbing or anything else on, or near, the water.

We need a flask that can keep hot drinks hot.

We need a flask that can take being thrown about (literally) by our instructors and still work fine.

We need a flask that will take loads of abuse and still function for years.

I don’t think we’ve ever been let down by the Thermos flasks that we use, I can’t remember a time when we’ve had a flask break or not kept a drink warm enough to make a difference.p1070221

We have loads of Thermos Hammertone flasks that are at least three years old. They look a bit battered but are still going strong. The picture above shows, from left to right a flask that’s three years old, a flask that’s two years old and a flask that’s about week old. They’re all still working fine.

There’s loads of new insulated, vacuum, flasks/ bottles/ containers out there but we’ve not found any that are as functional and hard wearing as the Thermos Hammertone.Rich with Thermos

The Thermos Hammertone is a lovely example of an established product that works and that doesn’t need to be constantly tweaked or updated, it does what it’s meant to do really well.

Thermos products are not expensive, We normally pay about £12 for the 1.0 litre and £9 for the 0.5 litre. There are cheaper flasks out there but the savings are limited and we’ve found that cheaper flasks are always a really poor investment.

Thermos give you a 12 month warranty for any problems due to defective materials or workmanship; if your flask fails you’ll get a new one.

Thermos flasks are great. You don’t have to take our word for it - we got all scientific and tested the hell out of them…


You’ve probably realised that we really like Thermos flasks, they’re great bits of kit that you can rely on.

Buy one (or loads, like we do), you wont regret it.

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