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Osprey packs are specifically designed for adventures and that’s exactly the kind of backpack we need.

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Gear Review | Osprey Packs | Land & Wave

We think Osprey make awesome packs, bags and carriers

Osprey packs are specifically designed for adventures and that’s exactly the kind of backpack we need.

We took a bundle of packs up to the mountains of Snowdonia to put them through their paces in March.

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Hikelite 26

I was the photographer for the mountain team.

I packed my camera gear, my lunch and some spare kit in the Hikelite 26L which left space for my hiking poles and water bottle in the side pockets.

I was packing my camera gear into drybags but this bag also has a rain cover – unusual for smaller bags, but very useful.

There’s an external pouch that perfectly fitted my waterproof trousers; you can never be too prepared in the mountains. 

Standard camera bags are fine for city life but offer little support for the more ‘out there’ photo-shoots.

My experience with this bag was great; adjustable chest straps, a vented back and waist straps to hold weight on the hips - it was comfortable to wear all day. 

A camera and a stash of lenses soon take a toll on the body when stomping up mountains all day long; efficient weight distribution is important.

The Hikelite 26 is designed to be excellent value for money using durable materials and with high performance features.

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Mutant 38

A few of our mountain training crew use the Mutant 38; a fifth-generation pack - lots fine tuning has gone into its design as a climbing pack and it shows.

A full day working with clients in the mountains means carrying plenty of equipment; emergency shelters, ropes, spare layers and more.

If your Mutant 38 is full you can use the lid to hold your rope in place as you make your ascent – the lid is detachable if you wanted to pack lighter, there’s a built in Flap Jacket that will keep the contents of your pack secure and protected.

In the top pocket of the pack there’s a helmet storage pouch, which provides easy access and protection for your helmet.

The Mutant 38 has carry loops and ToolLock system allowing for secure, yet accessible ice axe attachments for winter adventures.


Kestrel 48

The Kestrel 48 is a rugged, high performance pack, designed to be an outdoor workhorse.

Everyone that used this pack agreed that it was spacious enough for a summer expedition.

Accessing gear is easy through a large side-zip access point. The waist straps have pockets that are perfect for storing a compass, phone and plenty of snacks.

The rain cover is useful, especially in the Welsh mountains.


What we Think


Great for day trips, when you’re packing light, with space for spare layers, food and drink


A great companion for any climber, the innovative design creates space for all your normal equipment plus ropes, helmet and ice axes


The perfect choice for shorter expeditions, enough space for everything you’d need.


make innovative, high performance packs, bags and carriers that reflect a love of adventure and devotion to the outdoors.

Land & Wave trains Outdoor Instructors in Dorset and the UK.

Photos and Words by Nathaniel Reeks:

by Owen Senior

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