Gear Review | Casio F-91W |The Casio 'Classic'

by Owen Senior Adventure

Gear Review | Casio F-91W |The Casio 'Classic'

Land & Wave Gear Review - Casio F91 Digital Water Resistant Watch

The ‘Classic Casio’ is used by most of our instructors.

We’ve always paid full price for our Casio Watches, we’ve never even had a discount (we don’t really need one when they cost less than £10).

No other piece of equipment is so universally used within Land & Wave. Our staff normally utilise a real variety of specialist equipment brands, clothing and equipment that they feel comfortable in and love using but almost everyone has a Casio F91 attached to their wrist or buoyancy aid.

We love these tough, inexpensive, functional little watches.

Pink Casio ClassicWhy do we use them

We can’t remember when we all started wearing Casio Classic watches at work.

We can’t remember a time when we all didn’t wear Casio Classic watches at work.

Sam has had her Casio Classic for 4 years, since she first started training with Land & Wave. In that time, her watch has (at least) been coasteering 300 times, kayaking  200 times, rock climbing 150 times, along with days in the woods, days building rafts on the beach, up mountains, across moors and down rivers.

Her watch has been submerged (most of the time), smashed into rocks and dropped into sand and is still going strong, it’s never had a new battery, never stopped working, never needed a repair.

Sam’s watch cost £7. Seven pounds! 700 pence. The picture below is Sam’s Watch, it’s a bit battered, a little scratched but still going strong after 4 years of abuse.


What Casio Say…

A tried and true style great for casual wear. With its daily alarm, hourly time signal and auto calendar, you’ll never need to worry about missing an appointment again. Casual Classic watch with a Resin Band.

The Casio F91W is a quartz digital watch that was introduced in 1991 (!), it’s still in production and demand, 25 years later.

Key Features (so they say)

  • Includes alarm, stop watch and back light
  • Shatter-resistant acrylic window lens
  • Square high-performance and durable resin case with digital display
  • Durable and strong resin 15mm wide bracelet with buckle
  • Reliable quartz crystal movement technology for precise and accurate time keeping


Technical Specification…

The watch has a reliable rubber seal between its steel back and case but does not have any seals for its buttons, they fit tightly but at a certain point any pressure will avail, hence the watch is marked ‘water resistant’. The watch case measures 37.5 × 33.5 × 8.5 mm and weighs 21 g.

What we’ve found - The Casio can be submerged, often, with no ill effects

The watch is powered by a single CR2016 3-volt lithium button cell, which will last at least seven years, assuming 20 seconds of alarm and one second of light usage per day, however it is not uncommon that the battery would last even longer.

What we’ve found - The oldest Casio (we think) at Land & Wave is 8 years old and going strong.

Coasteering Casio Our very own Jonny Berry modelling a ‘Flash Green’ Casio

5 Awesome Casio Facts…

  1. Holding down the right button for 5 seconds displays ‘CASIo’
  2. If you press all the buttons at once, all the digits display simultaneously
  3. Guantánamo Bay analysts say that wearing a Casio F91 is evidence of being in al-Qaida (really!)
  4. The lowest possible time to get if you ‘double tap’ the stopwatch is 00:00 15. The lowest we can get is 00:00 19
  5. Stopping the stop watch on exactly one second is physically impossible????????????????????????????????????

Should you buy a Casio F91?

Yes. Yes you should.

The Classic F91 costs very, very little money and will last you a long, long time.

Even if you smash your Casio into a rock one to many times and it dies an honourable death after many years of service it’ll cost you less than £10 to replace it.

The Casio F91 is compact, robust and functional, it does everything that we ask it to do.

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