Freelance Film Maker Needed - Sunny Swanage |

by Owen Senior News

Freelance Film Maker Needed - Sunny Swanage |

We need a talented person to come and help us create amazing video content in and around Sunny Swanage.

Land & Wave are looking for a high quality freelancer to work with us for 4 - 6 weeks shooting and editing video.

All shooting must be completed by the second week in November, there is a little more flexibility for editing.

We imagine a 50/50 split between shooting and editing.

This could be an awesome opportunity to develop your portfolio while getting paid. We’ll need footage from clifftops, beaches, boats, in the woods etc.

We want to create a large amount of content while your with us. This will range from 15 second ‘flash’ videos to 60-90 second ‘feature’ videos for specific activities and products.

A good volume of quality content is vital - what you produce will support our marketing for 4 - 6 months.

We have an archive of video and photo content you can draw from.

We have a range of Nikon SLR’s and lenses, tripods, mounts, microphones etc that you can use.

We expect you to provide your own equipment, we can provide assistants and second camera persons etc.

We have a drone.

We can pay a healthy freelance rate + find and pay for accommodation if you need it.

We think £3000 for 4 full weeks work sounds about right.

You’ll need to be able to produce video of at least the quality shown in the examples included.

You’ll need to provide the platform and software to create the videos.

We’ll own the footage you collect and the videos you create but we have no problem at all with you using that footage to promote yourself.

Email with examples of your work if you’re interested…