FREE Childcare this Easter?

If you’re the school parent who always makes things happen, then put your organising skills to use and enjoy the benefits. Free child place for every 5 children you book up for Easter Holiday Clubs.

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We know so many Supermums (and dads) who are ALWAYS rallying the troops and organising the play dates at the park, the inset day activities, the beach bbqs and end of school events.
If you feel like you should add parent / child social secretary to your CV, then we want to give you some kudos and reward you with free childcare for your efforts.

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Your reward:

Get 5 school friends to book a day on our Easter Kids Holiday Club and you child will go FREE.

That's right. Just keep on doing what you do best - rally the school friends for an epic day out and in return you'll get a free day worth £39. 

Got more to give?

Even better, if you get 5 other school friends to book a full week of adventure during the easter holiday, then we'll give you the week for FREE.

How to book

  1. Organise which date your group of children will attend (must all be the same day or week)
  2. Get each parent to book & pay online HERE
  3. Tell us the names of the 5 children you've recruited, then we'll book your child in for FREE

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by Rosie Tanner

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