Flying off Everest - Film & Dinner Fundraiser for the Nepal quake

by Owen Senior Adventure

Flying off Everest - Film & Dinner Fundraiser for the Nepal quake

Nepal needs our help…

I am hosting an adventure film and dinner night to raise funds for the Nepal quake.

The film is quite simply breathtaking. Please come to Swanage and watch it, meet some new people and help Nepal.


Tuesday 5th May

19:00 - Arrive at Land & Wave HQ in Swanage

19:00 to 19:45 - Buffet dinner put on by Crab Apple

19: 45 - Short introduction into Sano Babu’s early life

20:00 - Showing the film Hanuman Airlines - Flying of Mount Everest. This film was a highlight of the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

20:40 - A short slide show about my trip paddling The Arun Gorges (the river that drains Everest) and an (attempt!) at a first descent of one of it’s tributaries in March this year.

Q & A’s followed by some beers and booking trips to Nepal next year!

Please book online here

Trailer of Hanuman Airlines


£20 per person including dinner and entry

All of you £20 goes to Nepal to help the quake victims

They will be a donations bar

Please book online here


Land & Wave HQ
Unit 14 Jaden Centre
Prospect Business Park
Prospect Way
BH19 1 EJ


100% of your £20 will be going to organisations on the ground in Nepal getting supplies where they are most needed.

Daz Clarkson King and Chrissie Dawkins both run rafting organisations that are now completely dedicated to getting supplies to where they are needed. They are doing great work and need your help to buy more supplies. Please just say on the night if you would like you money to go to another organisation that is supporting quake victims #grassrootsgiving

Please book online here


Hanuman Airlines - Flying of Mount Everest

In April 2011, Sano Babu and Lakpa Sherpa launched a paraglider from Mount Everests summit and kayaked the Ganges to the Indian Ocean. Later in the year they won the National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year by a country mile.

The Expedition Blog

Flying Off Everest Book

The Blurb from Amazon

Perched impossibly on a ridge overlooking a 10,000-foot drop into Tibet, Sano Babu Sunuwar and Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa wait. Heel to toe, connected at the waist by a pair of carabineers that’s connected to nothing else, they stare down the North Face of Mount Everest, a red and white nylon tandem paragliding wing fluttering behind them. They know that jumping off the top of the world marks only the beginning of a longer, more audacious journey. And they know that the two-mile ride down Everest will be the easiest part. If the jump doesn’t kill them.In April 2011 the two unsponsored Nepalis set out on an unprecedented expedition to climb Everest, paraglide from its peak, and paddle nearly 400 miles to the ocean. Little problems wouldn’t stop them. Like the fact that Babu had no technical climbing experience. And that Lakpa had never been kayaking-or swimming. But after summiting, surviving their flight off the world’s tallest mountain, and being arrested, robbed, and nearly drowned-repeatedly-the two friends discovered their adventure had only just begun.

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